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Seems simple enough then

So, you know, burn it:

Recycling plastic waste fails for a variety of reasons that Greenpeace boils down to: the impossibility of collection and sorting, the environmental toxicity, synthetic compositions and contamination, and a lack of economic feasibility.

It’s Greenpeace saying it can’t be recycled. So presumably it’s true……

11 thoughts on “Seems simple enough then”

  1. “synthetic compositions”

    As opposed to green natural plastics which grow from the soil, I presume?

  2. I may be wrong (won’t be the first time, as I am sure you honorable gentlepersons on this epic blog will have have noticed), but the recycling numbers on plastic stuff go from 1 – 7 and AFAIAA, only 1 and 2 are recycleable and the rest has to go into landfill, yes?

  3. You do remind me of the old bit of concrete pipe on some concrete blocks that Dad had in the backyard. He burned everything in it.

    But of course those were the good old days. Before the ghastly Greens!!

  4. If burning it produces some nasty carcinogenic gases we’ll have to find another way.
    Happily, some academic folk have found some bacteria which like to eat plastic. So all we have to do is to encourage them.
    They do need a relatively warm environment to thrive, hence my innovative proposal: bury everything together and the composting will raise the temperature allowing the bacteria to thrive.
    I commend this entirely new and original plan to the house.

  5. The problem that I foresee with plastic eating bacteria is that it will escape from the industrial plastic digester and then nothing will be safe from being consumed by it.

  6. “If burning it produces some nasty carcinogenic gases we’ll have to find another way.”

    If you get nasty stuff in the exhaust you’re not burning it right. Period.

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