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One of Britain’s biggest air shows has been permanently cancelled by the local council because of its net zero commitments.

Sunderland Air Show frequently attracted more than a million visitors each year to watch displays by the Red Arrows, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and fast jets from across the world.

However, it has not taken place since 2019, because of Covid-19, and now Sunderland City Council has scrapped it altogether.

Graeme Miller, the Labour leader of the council, told The Telegraph that if the council and the city wanted to be serious about their net zero commitments then an air show was no longer appropriate.

“I can’t think of anything that pumps more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than a bunch of high performance jets,” he said.

Well, since aviation as a whole is only 2% of all emissions then there must be something, right?

12 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. I look forward to Sunderland council cancelling all travel to climate change conferences. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be serious about Net Zero, would they?

  2. Cement is 8% of emissions and bricks are high carbon as well, so henceforth only mud huts get planning permission in Sunderland.

  3. Given that the sole purpose of the War on Carbon is to punish people for the crime of smiling, this makes eminent sense.

  4. Wonder when they’ll start screaming that the taxpayer should compensate them for all the money they’ve lost by cancelling the Air Show.

  5. “I can’t think of anything that pumps more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than a bunch of high performance jets,” he said.

    “And besides, it’s bloody hard work organising these big events, and my salary wasn’t affected when we closed everything down due to Covid, so I reckon it’s something you can all do without.”

  6. Sunderland is the headquarters of Hays Travel I believe.
    I hope that their bookings go up for people wanting a weekend away.

  7. Martin Near The M25

    This thing got a million people to go to Sunderland? It must be bloody good.

    They’ll need a suitable spectacle to replace it. I’m thinking something with Labour councillors and lions might work, or possibly wolves? We can work on the details.

  8. A country that is stupid enough to do this doesn’t’ deserve an airforce, an airline industry, or anything exept rain soaked misery. Thank God that I left any years ago

  9. Airshows are disappearing for various reasons. The USAF stopped doing the Mildenhall one several years ago on security grounds, I think. The Lowestoft one lost out to insurance costs.

    Net zero is a new excuse, and probably the real reason is because the councillors don’t like the sort of people who like airshows

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