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Someone really needs to have a word with Hannah

She might not be of the age where this is all of interest to her:

Boots is enjoying a sales uplift thanks to its new erectile dysfunction treatment rivalling Viagra.

The pharmacy and beauty chain said sales at its retail healthcare arm, which includes over-the-counter medicines and treatments, were up almost 14pc in the three months to the end of August.

Boots specifically called out buoyant sales of its Viagra-alternative Sildenafil, which it started selling in early June.

It’s not rivalling, it’s not an alternative. It is. It’s simply the generic version of the very same drug.

Perhaps this is one of those times that age is a useful requirement for a journalist? You know, someone with the experience – either directly or as the partner in the exploitation of – the subject under discussion?

12 thoughts on “Someone really needs to have a word with Hannah”

  1. A search engine would have told her in the first hit as well. What sort of youngster doesn’t use a search engine?

  2. Arthur,
    Reality based people use search engines, because they want the truth. The other lot use social media.

  3. How did they design the name Viagra, I wonder. Obvs for echoes of vulva and vagina, a subtler hint at “Vita” … but what’s the “gra” got to do with? Is “grasp” too remote?

    Or does the name hint simply at the “grand way”. Presumably advertising men are paid to discuss such things with a straight face – or a straight …

    Was there any reason not to retain the original ending “afil”?

  4. Viagra? They named it so because it rhymes with Niagara. Kind of. I have no idea what parallel they were trying to draw.

    How do the Boots prices compare, a friend would like to inquire?

  5. “You know, someone with the experience – either directly or as the partner in the exploitation of – the subject under discussion?”

    Insofar as one would need to be d enough to have had sex. Anyone over the age of 20 should have tried Viagra – what ‘a long time’ means to a man means ‘that was adequate’ to a woman.

  6. Lloyds pharmacies have, allegedly, been selling this stuff under their own brand name for yonks, and at about 10% less than the Viagra Connect. No idea whether it works just as well, but there would be the savings in advertising costs.

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