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Spudulous information sources

The Tuber is now gaining his information from Byeline Times. From someone who has “FRSA” in his Twitter handle.

From someone who has bothered to pay the few hundred £ for the title, in a media outlet designed and run by credulous conspirazoids.

What really worries is that this makes more sense than most of Spud’s own output……

2 thoughts on “Spudulous information sources”

  1. It is at least literate and the author’s style seems less combative and more willing to acknowledge complexity – I couldn’t see ‘fascist’ or ‘neoliberal’ skimming the piece as well so agree it’s more coherent than Murphy.

  2. Elsewhere I saw the potato described as a delectable fruit best consumed when fried in oil. This one I think was mashed and flavoured with sump oil.

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