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Subtle change, isn’t it?

The proposed rule would also prohibit gender-affirming surgery for minors, which experts noted rarely occurs.

When the shrieking was about those hospitals and their clinics we were told that it never occurs…….

19 thoughts on “Subtle change, isn’t it?”

  1. I think realistically we’ll need to go down the route that ISIS took with these nutcases longer term.
    I’m not sure peaceful coexistence is possible.

  2. Me in 1985: “I bet they’ll have flying cars in the future!”

    The Future: “I cry for Florida’s trans youth. This was a sham hearing with fake experts,” said one activist

    Of course, this is a monstrous category error / gaslighting operation. There’s no such thing as ‘trans youth’ because people aren’t and cannot be ‘trans’. Eunuchs are not women, and sterilised women aren’t men.

    Young people are stupid and impressionable, they traditionally explore their identity through clothes, music and attention seeking behaviors, and that’s ok. Let the children boogie – if they want to be punks, rockers, mods, goths, teddy boys, emos or ravers it probably won’t do them any harm and might do them good.

    Getting sterilised, fucking up your endocrinal development at the most important time when it needs to not be fucked up, and suffering all the horrible medical consequences including youthful arthritis and undeveloped brain structures is like the opposite of what The Sex Pistols were trying to tell us.

    ‘Trans youth’ don’t exist, so it was necessary to invent them. It’s a lot easier to sell the idea that Bob is a woman now despite being a 46 year old balding father of 3 if you can frighten people into not engaging their critical faculties because WON’T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN??!?!? Progressives don’t want to protect kids, they want your kids to be irreversibly mutilated human shields.

  3. How does it go?
    1. Never happens
    2. Happens very rarely
    3. Happens often and that’s a good thing, bigots!
    4. Why haven’t you had your kids done yet?
    5. Gender affirming surgery is now compulsory.

  4. “Public commentary was overwhelmingly against the proposed ban”.

    “Numerous observers accused the board of bias”.

    Fine. Just keep pushing the message and Ron DeSantis will be history. Unless of course these numerous and overwhelming commentators and observers are actually a tiny albeit vociferous minority talking through their arses (A.K.A. Salon contributors and readers).

  5. I expect the nutters at Salon to use the twisted language of the malignant tranny lobby, but mainstream outlets use the same language all the time.

  6. “gender affirming surgery” – what euphemism will they come up with to top that?

    Pretty good euphemism since the alternative would be “unnecessary castration”, the opposite (enpenisisation) doesn’t seem to prevent pregnancy as the “Pregnant trans person” phenomenon occurs.

    All variants of mental illness though, albeit often by proxy of single-mom variety.

  7. Scotland are on their way to some nasty outcomes now that they are seemingly going to allow men to self-declare as women. One to watch out for….

  8. So, we’re at stage 2 now.

    Stage 1 – it’s not happening.

    Stage 2 – it’s happening but it’s rare.

    Stage 3 – it’s happening a lot and this is why it’s a good thing.

  9. A friends child jumped on the trans bandwagon, they questioned all medical interventions and thankfully had a GP who supported a ‘go slow’ approach.
    The rest of the medical establishment was hard to deal with, pushing treatment, telling the child it was their choice not the parents and dismissing all concerns about long term effects(puberty blockers are safe, effective and reversible apparently). Questioning the child was akin to child abuse and he described some interactions which made it seem they were flagged as ‘difficult’ parents in the system.
    After 6 hard and difficult years it’s all settled down and back to original pronouns etc. of course they aren’t to use the term ‘phase’ even now and mentioning ROTS is still a good way to get yourself thrown out of a support group and even a doctors office.
    Frankly if I didn’t know them well and hadn’t been a sympathetic ear I wouldn’t believe it, I’m surprised neither he or his wife had their own breakdown.
    It truly is evil what’s been going on

  10. Feminism goes too far

    Harassment of women on subs: Royal Navy to probe (snigger)

    As expected and ‘misogynists’ said “Don’t do this, 3-6 months confined Will cause problems” Well, it’s happened and RN doubles down while China & Russia laugh




    In saner times
    Reasons women aren’t on subs – August 28, 2009

  11. Yeah Pcar. The girls whine continually about men intruding into ‘female’ spaces. But they whinge even more if someone suggests they shouldn’t intrude into ‘male’ spaces.

    This does give one some sympathy for the ROPers and their restrictions.

  12. Mildly curious about the actual text of the law. Are there exceptions for women with breast cancer, who may require a double mastectomy?

    If the text says something like “no top surgery unless medically necessary”, then a trans-friendly doctor would simply declare their patient’s surgery medically necessary (to preserve mental health or whatever).

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