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Tee Hee

Three Meta executives have been identified by name—reportedly by mistake—in a California federal lawsuit brought by adult entertainers alleging bribery and abuse of internet databases meant to flag, among other things, terrorism related content.

In a court filing Tuesday, Nick Clegg, Meta’s vice president of global policy, and Nicola Mendelsohn, vice president of the global business team, were identified as the former “John Does” in a suit accusing them of accepting bribes on behalf of OnlyFans as part of a scheme to help the adult platform dominate its industry rivals.

TBH, that’s all the info I need to know the suit’s a pile of trash. Clegg hasn’t got the moxie to be directly corrupt. Therefore the claim must be untrue.

21 thoughts on “Tee Hee”

  1. Clegg hasn’t got the moxie to be directly corrupt.
    OK. Now explain how he got to the top of the Limp Dims & Dep PM? They’re all f*****g corrupt. It’s a prerequisite for success in politics. Along with Oxbridge.
    Personally, I’d believed anything they were accused of. Unless it was being honest

  2. Wiki:
    It has been alleged that Clegg joined the Cambridge University Conservative Association between 1986 and 1987. Clegg has maintained he has “no recollection of that whatsoever”. However, Conservative MP Greg Hands has a record of CUCA members for 1986–1987, and Clegg’s name appears on the list. Hands noted that “for the avoidance of any doubt, there was only one ‘N Clegg’ at Robinson College … [he] is listed in the ‘Robinson College Record’, under ‘Freshmen 1986’.

  3. @ bis
    It is perfectly plausible that Clegg has no recollection of joining CUCA as someone else may have nominally signed him up in order to let him into a nominally (only nominally) closed meeting. In my time at Oxford most undergradutes joined OUCA OU Labour Club or OU Liberal Club to hear the celebrity speakers that they brought to Oxford [I joined all three!] Lots of them never went to another meeting after hearing the star speaker.
    Clegg is not stupid but remains a bit naive.

  4. No, I prefer lying, john77. And as a member of the Oxbridge club you’re no doubt covering for him. Wouldn’t trust any of them as far as I could throw them. (Hoping they’d land in a minefield) The ruination of what was a great country.

  5. @ bis
    Don’t be so bloody rude. Your inferiority complex does not justify it however big the chip on your shoulder. If you’re as clever as you think you are you should ask yourself why on earth should Icover for a Cambridge LibDem?

  6. Dennis, Inconveniently Noting Reality

    I think Clegg has the sort of stuff that would have allowed him to grow into accepting direct bribes.

    Picking up money from Mark Zuckerberg for anything is a good start.

  7. @john77
    Given that 7 out of 10 of the last PM’s went to Oxford & the country’s likely to be choosing between 2 at the next election it’s less about the chip on my shoulder as the utter uselessness dangerousness of Oxford graduates bar one. They trail misery where ever they go. Cambridge doesn’t seem to get the same score because they’re probably too busy working for foreign interests.
    Let’s be honest, the county’s in the shit is not due to its people but due its governments & its establishment class. And just how many of them went to the Big Two? It’s hard not to believe there’s some connection.
    It’s not something I’d be proud of.

  8. I have to be careful what I say. Oh sod it, I’ll go Anon.

    Nick is one of those people of a certain class who just automatically slide into positions with no effort almost as an assumed matter of right. Of course I’ll be a big noise MEP, of course I’ll be an MP, of course I’ll be party leader, of course I’ll be Deputy PM. What do you mean, work to get there? Slogging your guts out 12 months of the year to ensure you get elected is for the little people, I have people to do that for me. Becoming an MP is simply a matter of putting my name forward, I have decided to do it, it will happen.

    A lot of people at the grass roots got particularly pissed off with his seeming attitude of “oh, local councillors are an irrelevant nuisance, it doesn’t matter that we’ve slaughtered 90% of the party’s base, people who’ve spent decades building up the grass roots, people who a £6K councillor’s allowance is a significant income, I’ve Got A Ministerial Car!” I bet he never skimped on heating in order to buy a toner cartridge to run off a leaflet drop.

    And, naturally, of course after destroying one institution, I’ll slide straight into a senior position somewhere else. And not just any old somewhere else, Facebook for god’s sake!

  9. The STEM stuff at Oxbridge has been ok but the yahoos do seem to radiate contempt for those who actually make stuff happen.

    Long ago I read an item in a Sunday supplement about the Bright Young Things at Oxford. The thing that stuck in my mind is they called the science people “Northern Chemists” and you can just hear the contempt in that phrase. I wonder if the the leaders of ancient civilisations had the same contempt for their artisans. I doubt it somehow.

  10. Clegg’s apparent lie about his CUCA membership hardly betokens a capacity for engaging in major acts of corruption, so I doubt that john77 feels the need to lie about it himself purely to save a fellow member of the Oxbridge Illuminati (“But he’s one of them, don’t you see! He’s one of them!”). Do you know that Clegg also once burnt some prize cacti as well? I mean, he’s obviously a wrong ‘un, and anybody who insists that this is a totally trivial piece of information only wants to ruin this once great country!

    I mean, the fella takes the prize for lacking in gorm, and his clandestine “liaising” with European Commission figures after the Brexit referendum was scandalous, but I think “innocent until proven guilty” should still apply even to mediocre, pantywaist pricks such as him.

    And as for Oxford’s dominance over Cambridge in the PM rankings, a lot of this is down to the existence of PPE at one and not the other (SPS/HSPS, the Cambridge equivalents, don’t have the same emphasis on “worldly” politics), the continuing Oxonian focus on humanities rather than science, and a bit of pure luck (plenty of viable Cambridge-educated leadership contenders have fallen by the wayside over the years – Butler, Shore, Clarke, Burnham, and most obviously that multi-talented wonder of the modern age, Diane Abbott). “Working for foreign interests” is way, way down the list (especially if it’s just meant as a snarky reference to the Cambridge spies, which would it make even more ludicrous an explanation than how it initially appears).

  11. I remember Clegg from Postipankki Bank days in Helsinki, the token Englishman ferried around various departments wanting to know how things worked.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    Didn’t Chris Patten say that the only reason he joined the Conservative Party at Oxford was because the women were prettier? Maybe Clegg was just trying to get his end away but is too embarrassed to admit it?

  13. “because the women were prettier”
    I don’t know about that. They were certainly more social-climberery, but they weren’t as insufferably, tediously “right on” as you would find at the Balliol Labour Caucus or similar, so they had that going for them.

  14. Clegg’s talent for completely missing the saddle when leaping aboard a passing hobby horse has been quite consistent. Direct bribes ? – nope – benefitting from “arrangements” definitely.

    The “top university” thing wrt to politics is credentialism and an entry route to the managerial “class” where a person’s cv is decorated with a participation certificate – there’s plenty of evidence that it’s no guarantee of excellence.

    What is actually required is some Admiral Byng style action to focus the minds of the berks that wheedle themselves into high positions – there has to be a control-feedback mechanism – not just move sideways. @Anon has it pretty close imho – social acquaintances in London get gigs divvied out and swan out to nod sagely at the provincials while daydreaming of lunch at The Ivy next Tuesday.

  15. bloke in spain,

    “Let’s be honest, the county’s in the shit is not due to its people but due its governments & its establishment class. And just how many of them went to the Big Two? It’s hard not to believe there’s some connection.”

    I stood for office in 2021 because I hit the thing where if there’s no-one you want to vote for, stand. It was crazy to keep any sort of restrictions after the elderly and high risk had been vaccinated. So I stood for the libertarians. And, just so you know it’s not personal, there was an anti-lockdown single issue independent in the same ward. In fact, an ex-UKIP guy had organised this group to stand in every ward in Swindon. Between us we got 3% of the vote, and that was across the wards.

    Now, everyone is complaining because they can’t get to see a GP, they can’t get their operation, it looks like children’s development has been affected, too. Relationships were delayed. Who knows what else.

    None of this was a secret. Everyone knew that the NHS was not doing operations. The cost of Covid was out there in the open, with a simple Google request. The people voted for a continuation of it without much thought for when this was all going to be paid for.

    You see this with the anti-Truss polling. The people don’t want some hard reforms and decisions. They want more money pumped into their hallowed NHS, pensions, benefits, eco schemes. And this is going to continue until we hit the point where the debt just explodes and the World Bank get called in.

  16. I don’t see DumLib Nick Clegg once being in the Conservative Party as much of a problem seeing as most of the current shower of Conservative Party MP’s appear to be DumLibs.

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