That could do it, yes

Lamb fell out with his wife after she joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and they divorced.

9 thoughts on “That could do it, yes”

  1. I used to believe the yarn that you could get rid of Witnesses on your doorstep by intoning “We are a Catholic family”.

    Then I met a family who had gone Communist -> Roman Catholic -> Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    God knows what they are now. Shia Moslems? Liberal Democrats?

  2. @dearieme: I know from my father-in-law’s experience you can repel Mormons by saying you’re a communist (he wasn’t). Maybe say you work for the Blood Transfusion Service and ask if they want to donate?

  3. Dear Mr Worstall

    AVM ‘Larry’ Lamb went to the same school as me.

    Different years of course.

    Another AVM was in my dorm in my first year*.


    * He wasn’t an AVM at the time.

  4. Has a Witness try and push a copy Of watchtower many years ago by pointing out it had an article on allergies and they themselves were allergic to something used for putting pins in bones etc.My observation in an accident they would die from blood loss before they got round to having surgery for shattered bones led to a prompt exit.

  5. I could never become a JW, because I like my black pudding too much. Similar to the reasons why I’m unlikely to convert to Islam or Judaism (well, that and getting my bits chopped).

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