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The Czechs are claiming Kaliningrad

Vova seems to be claiming all sorts of places. The Czechs have logic on their side in claiming Kaliningrad. It is, after all, named after a Czech King and is the second birthplace of Jara Cimmerman, history’s most famous Czech.

What other proof does anyone require?

25 thoughts on “The Czechs are claiming Kaliningrad”

  1. Dennis, Inconveniently Noting Reality

    Sounds like fun times approaching. Eurowogs can’t heat their homes but they want to start fighting over some Slav shithole that last changed hands 77 years ago.

    Eurowogs just can’t help themselves, can they?

  2. Perhaps the Czechs should follow Russia’s logic to the end, and bomb the place. Russia would understand. After all, that’s exactly what Russia has done to Zaporizhzhia: claimed it last week, then launched waves of rockets at homes there last night.

  3. @dearieme: Sadly, I think that’s a misconception. I just checked and the actual stage direction is “Bohemia: a desert country near the sea”.

  4. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Königsberg needs to be returned to its rightful owners, forthwith.

    If the Czechs have a problem with that, we will take Danzig as well, to show them who is boss now. And we need a land corridor to Neu Ostpreußen.

  5. @BiFR Adapting the US-ian attitude to First People…..

    I’d very much like Mecklenburg-Schwerin back. And some sundries, depending on how far you take things Back In Time.

    Those bastards Teutonians should have their come-uppance, after all.. And those who supported them…

  6. Well, if you take Germany back beyond 1870, it ceases to exist. Whether that would be a good thing or not is left as an exercise for the reader. But I have to agree that Breslau is a lot easier to type (and pronounce) than Wrocław.

  7. Indeed Chris:
    Oświęcim much harder to say than Auschwitz for us NW Europe types. But what do the legal residents have to say. There do seem a lot of people about who think some hastily decided agreements in the 1990s and earlier carry greater weight.
    And so we do not yet have a country called Kurdistan, and peeps insisting Crimea is not independent, not Russian, but Ukrainian and should be subject to all its minority language education film and tv restrictions.
    Where does NI go next – should the people of Antrim, Armagh and Down have a greater say over what the people of Fermanagh, Derry and Tyrone want for their lives than they do over themselves because of the first named counties greater population and ability to secure handouts from the Union.

  8. Bloke in the Fourth Reich


    Seriously, happy to throw Hamburg in for free. Will you take it off the second Holy Roman Empire?

  9. Hands off the Hanseatic League, please, to trade with which we owe the name of our (Ea)sterling silver coinage and hence broader currency. Königsberg and Breslau please check your spelling.

    For the avoidance of doubt Jacob Breslow is due to be fed to blindfolded cis-lions shortly.

  10. @Peter: I confess I’ve neither read nor seen The Winter’s Tale but the internet assures me that “Without this fantasy coast, there would be no place to leave the baby Perdita, nor an easy way for the teenage princess to escape with Florizell 16 years later.”

    Anyway, Königsberg. Are the bridges still there that led Euler to his network theorem?

  11. “the second birthplace of Jara Cimmerman, history’s most famous Czech.”
    Given he seems to have beaten jesus Christ to it, shouldn’t he be more famous?

    And whatabout Schleswig Hostein?

  12. The Czechs seem to be taking it all in good humour. They had an addition to the weather forecast on the main TV channel showing the weather for Czechia as well as an offset weather forecast for Královec.


    A weather reporter live on Czech National Television daringly called Kaliningrad Královec in an homage to an internet joke about Czechia annexing Russian Kaliningrad and renaming it to Královec

  13. @BiFR The Elbe was the natural border and should be for Wentia, but not quite sure about Hamburg…
    Must have a chat with the Frysians about that, they’re entitled to half..

    And yes.. Staying in the “Empire” is not an option. I’d rather team up with the Baltics of Nordics, after we’ve helped re-establish Frysia up to the Limes.

  14. ‘Jara Cimmerman, history’s most famous Czech.’

    Never heard of the guy – surely history’s most famous Czech is the original Bouncing Czech – Robert Maxwell?.

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