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The Guardian’s not even pretending now

The header for their begging insert:

Support climate journalism. The world can’t wait

Pay now to receive more propaganda…….

5 thoughts on “The Guardian’s not even pretending now”

  1. The begging addendums are a piece of work, and given how localised/reader-specific they are quite possibly in breach of a thing or two regarding the privacy and cookie settings I always choose.

    They also present opinion-as-fact, use higly emotive language, and basically tell you that if you don’t support the Graun, you’re an evil Nazi Part of the Problem.

    They’ve always shown the true nature of the Graun as a propaganda outlet for a specific political/activist section much better than anything else they put above it.

  2. How’s about a paying a subscription to receive less wokery, warble gloaming eco doom?

    Ah. Apparently that’s not an option.

    In which case I’ll continue to get my news from 9GAG. At least it’s free and contains pictures (like the everyday, soaraway Sun used to do).

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