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The problem with those emergency powers

Sure, the idea of there being times when the normal processes of law and democracy have to be put to one side. When, say, Wales are playing England at Twickenham and we’ve got to manage that flood of foreigners somehow.

But once such emergency powers exist then the temptation to declare an emergency so as to use them becomes irresistible, doesn’t it?

A court filing stated that the 2003 Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act, or HEROES Act, allows the secretary of education to waive or modify terms of federal student loans in times of war or national emergency.

“Covid-19 is such an emergency,” the filing stated.

Yeah, right……

9 thoughts on “The problem with those emergency powers”

  1. I’m intrigued to know what national emergency could possibly require student loan terms to be changed. And particularly to be changed immediately by the Secretary of Education rather than Congress.

  2. I’m intrigued to know what national emergency could possibly require…

    The government being massively unpopular with an election due next month, must surely count.

  3. ‘… there being times when the normal processes of law and democracy. .’

    There are no such times. If ‘normal processes of law and democracy’ last only until the next emergency, then they don’t exist in the first place, just a delusion.

  4. Well, Pedo Joe’s recent declaration that anyone in Federal prison for simple possession of marijuana would be freed. That got a lot of press and it turned out it applied to a total of zero prisoners.

    Maybe the HEROES Act thing will be the same, a loudly announced change actually costing little-to-nothing with a caveat that the scumbags pretending to be journalists these days wouldn’t report the reality of the situation until after the MidTerms.

    Shitty people, shitty behaviour.

  5. Emperor Joe Palp-a-teen (living up to that name on his recent west coast swing) is also draining the National Petroleum Reserve to bring gas prices down.1,000,000 barrels a day. Apparently has moved prices down by 20¢ since June. Since Democrat chances still aren’t looking good, he is doubling that through the election. The administration is crowing about the reductions, totally ignoring the ~$1.80 rise since he was elected.

    The student loan forgiveness was recinded for several hundred thousand students on bank loans when they figured out that the banks would have standing to sue based on the Constitutionality of the edict. Several red states have also sued, one appeal failed, one is on hold. It will go to the Supreme Court. The disappointment to the loan holders won’t occur until after the election and will be blamed on the eeeevil Trumpublicans.

    I’m planting popcorn in the back yard.

  6. Our local vaccine mandate in the opening section acknowledges it’s a rights issue, but under greater good/emergency exclusion it’s justified because the vaccines reduce transmission.
    It’s still in place in healthcare and other areas and employers still rely on it to impose company policies on vaccination despite plenty of evidence that its main premise is invalid. after more than a year no sign of a review etc. and the courts don’t seem to be in any rush to take cases and rule on the matter.
    A law/right you can’t enforce or have redress doesn’t really exist

  7. Mohave Greenie 4:13 pm

    One does wonder what Biden the Brainless thought he was doing by stopping the Keystone pipeline and generally banning fracking where he could. Like the National Petroleum Reserve, there actually was a reason for these projects.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    I read about a village just outside Düsseldorf where they are dismantling wind turbines to make way for a (brown) coal mine yesterday

    Central planning at its finest.

  9. BiND

    You’ve made me think of Victoria, which has huge reserves of brown coal that have powered its electricity generation for about a century.

    The horrid brown coal generation is being shut down, while the state Premier refuses to allow drilling for gas.

    I wonder how long it’ll be before Vic has to reverse its policies. This especially annoys me because a niece of mine, her partner and young Robbie live in Melbourne.

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