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There’s an amusement here

US Midterms: Biden and Harris descend on Pennsylvania in desperate bid to save Democrats’ campaign

Imagine that having these two turning up aids you in winning an election. Unless you’re a Republican that is…..

10 thoughts on “There’s an amusement here”

  1. A cunning plan to remind Pennsylvanians that the current holders of the two highest offices in the land (I would include No.3) are even less capable and coherent than the barely functioning Fetterman.

    It could all be irrelevant as allegedly more than 50% of postal ballots were cast (harvested) before the debacle of a televised debate meaning the “fortifying of the election”, as Time magazine so quaintly described it, is once again well underway.

  2. The Other Bloke in Italy

    John, I had not heard of “fortifying the election” before.

    A truly chilling example of Newspeak.

  3. “fortifying the election” is indeed …Ominous English..

    As is “Biden and Harris descend on Pennsylvania”, really.

    Could be that I’ve been taught english wrong, but “to descend on” in this context is generally only used for Bad Things™ as far as I have been drilled taught in highschool.
    Y’know.. the Plague, Attila, Genghis, mobs, vultures.. And in this case the Biden/Harris team, it seems.

  4. Worth noting with regard to that Newsweek story, they cite Bill Barr as claiming no fraud found. We know why he found nothing – because he expressly forbade anyone to look for it. A recent FOIA request for all documentation on investigations started or carried out after the 2020 election returned ZERO documents. The DOJ specifically stopped anyone looking.

    And just note the current just opened Florida ballot harvesting case. Apparently a large scale and well organised (Democrat) ballot harvesting operation was active in parts of Florida for 20+ years, and yet nobody ever found out or investigated…..until no. Such harvesting is legal in Ca, but not Florida. The investigation in Wisconsin by the former chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court also found serious and significant breaches of the election laws, including the revelations that all doubtful ballots were referred to a Democrat powerbroker via an online connection to the live system for approval or rejection. And yet on oath both the Election software company and the Election officials in Wisconsin swore that the election system was NOT connected to the internet. It was, via an undocumented and non-public WiFi router.

    There is a shed load of data to be uncovered on the 2020 election, and the Bayesian prior is obviously that it was crooked unless these doubts can be convincingly dispelled.

  5. Must admit I was entertained by Biden’s vicious attack on the wicked oil company execs. When he has cancelled the Keystone pipeline and opposed fracking.

    But of course I wouldn’t vote for him anyway.

  6. The Other Bloke in Italy

    John, thank you for that. I think.

    Evil dressed as Good. Something, something, “Woe to them who…”

  7. @Boganboy
    But of course I wouldn’t vote for him anyway.

    Not until you’re pushing up the daisies, at least.

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