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A lot of my income for many years now has come from ad supported sites on the internet. Me as a simple contractor, writer for hire for them.

Google’s parent company suffered a sharp fall in its share price after revealing the first ever decline in advertising revenues at its YouTube video streaming service.
the music streaming service Spotify announced that advertising revenue was growing more slowly than expected.
Spotify said third-quarter profit margins were less than it had expected, citing “some softness in advertising”,

Another little indicator. The number of job ads for positions writing on ad supported websites has fallen precipitately. OK, this affects people like me more than being important but still. Just another twig on that fire.

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  1. Anecdata: My current IT contract is coming to an end, and my agency phoned me saying: there’s huge demand for people working on site, they don’t want people working at home.

  2. Digital advertising isn’t failing to deliver. As internet advertising matures, companies and their media buyers become increasingly savvy about how their ads and selected platforms perform in terms of target audience engagement, and they’re adjusting spending and platform choice. Procter & Gamble, the biggest advertiser of them all now spends around 50% of its media budget on digital (source: Adweek Paul Hiebert Oct 19, 2022 1:13 PM via Apple news), that’s a considerably greater proportion than when I retired from P&G 5 years ago.
    Tim, I think you ought to follow where ad spend is growing and place your articles accordingly, assuming some overlap in target audience of course.
    Another reason for decline of ad revenue on various platforms, at least based on my experience is the increasing inanity and deluge of advertising on some sites. YouTube is now becoming unwatchable due to the ad breaks. Yes, they offer an ad free subscription service, but no one needs yet another subscription service to drain their income.

  3. Maybe it’s coincidence, but I’ve noticed quite a few advertising hoardings left blank.

    Perhaps there’s no point in advertising when people aren’t buying.

  4. Try opening each YouTube video in a new tab. For me, this pauses the ad/s at the beginning of the video with no sound (just wait a short while and then click the play button when the video presents), and then no ads are seen during play. I have YouTube autoplay turned off, btw.

  5. Is this to do with Apple’s clampdown on behaviour-tracking apps & websites? Apple are trying to grab a chunk of that juicy ad revenue stream for themselves, but it’s not clear that they know how to do it.

  6. My wife was in Sainsbury’s yesterday and found the shelves better stocked than they have been for some time.

    I’m sure it means something but I don’t know what. Reduced sales? Better deliveries? Vacant jobs filled?

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