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Industry groups representing some of the world’s largest companies are “opposed to almost all major biodiversity-relevant policies” and are lobbying to block them, according to a new report.

Researchers found that 89% of engagement by leading industry associations in Europe and the US is designed to delay, dilute and block progress on tackling the biodiversity crisis, which scientists say is as serious as the climate emergency. Just 5% of support was positive and the remaining 6% was mixed or neutral, according to the climate thinktank InfluenceMap.

How dare those bastards block, even disagree with, what we activists desire?

8 thoughts on “To translate here”

  1. “the biodiversity crisis, which scientists say is as serious as the climate emergency. ”

    Only some “scientists”. And that lot wouldn’t recognise biodiversity if it bit them in the arse.

    But hey, it’s almost the end of the year, and they got a report out that shows their investors More Work Needs To Be Done. Now extend those grants please…

  2. Wind farms and solar arrays devastate biodiversity and require large areas of land because they’re so useless. Let’s have more… most of these fwits are urban and did anyone see the bloke who wanted to abolish farming?

  3. the biodiversity crisis, which scientists say is as serious as the climate emergency

    Excellent, we don’t need to do anything then.

    Matt’s law states that the degree of hysteria associates with activists’ naming is inversely proportional to the severity of the problem.

    In the ’80s and ’90s, when global temperatures were actually increasing quite rapidly we had Global Warming. A pretty neutral, serious term for something that had at least the potential to be a serious problem. When temperatures levelled off in the ’00s, it became the slightly more sinister Climate Change which, unlike global warming, is not measurable but becomes “this thing is changing in a predictable manner” to “everything is changing in an unpredictable manner” — the first step on the road to hysteria. Now that we’ve already done or set in motion everything that needs to be done to avoid any serious problems, it’s become “crisis”, “emergency”, “catastrophe”

  4. Note also the phrasing at the beginning of the bit Tim quoted. It’s not “Report says X”, it’s “X”, and then in basically fine print that a lobbying group claims it. This is done to make the assertion X look as though it’s a fact.

    (It’s one of the bad things about living in a TV market that’s a US state capital and not the state’s major media market: you get a disproportionate amount of “news” that’s people lobbying the government for something, and the so-called journalists regurgitating the lobbying as gospel truth.)

  5. “scientists say”
    There’s a great advantage to Old English in that it differentiated between a plurality of two & larger numbers. Something modern English regrettably lacks apart from both.

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