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Got to think a little here:

It will take more than 125 years before Black people are properly represented within the England and Wales judiciary at the current rate of progress, the Law Society has found.

Analysis by the professional body for solicitors found that with Black judges making up just 1.09% of the judiciary, compared with 1.02% in 2014, it would take until 2149 for their representation to match current estimates for the general population (3.5%).

With people of Asian ethnicity constituting 4.79% of the judiciary, up from 2.53% in 2014, it is estimated that they would achieve representation akin to that in the general population (8%) in 2033.

So, what age cohort do we select judges from? One would at least hope it’s from those in their 50s and up, those who have had the time to have a decent legal career and show that they’re capable of being judges.

So, what’s the ethnic mix among people in their 50s? No, it’s not the same as that of the general population. Mass immigration is a relatively recent thing, 14% or so are currently foreign born (and no, that’s not the same 14% who are BAME). It’s also true that immigrants will bring with them their – generally higher – fertility rates.

So, what we’ve got is a significant difference in BAME by age cohort. About 4% (from the last census) among the over 80s, although to be fair that’s retired judges, not the cohort we select them from.

The nett of this is that we should just shout “You’re lying!” at anyone who gives us stupid numbers like those at the top. Unless and until they start comparing the number of judges – as in this example – with the ethnic mix in the age cohort the selection is made from.

13 thoughts on “Tsk”

  1. Are you disqualified from being a judge by reason of having a criminal record? Just wondering, no relevance to the topic at all.

  2. At least they make up for it by being massively over-represented in those who appear before Judges.

    It all evens out…

  3. The same happens when corporates calculate their ‘ethnicity pay gap’, without factoring in the positive correlation between age and income in most workplaces.

  4. Oh Tim! You criticise Guardian writers for not thinking. You can’t possibly expect them to think. It’s all an automated gurgitation of the stuff that was implanted in their Teenage Trot phase. The EPROM never gets erased by later experience, except very occasionally (c.f. Bono above)

  5. As I understand it, only 2.3% of rape/grooming gangs in the UK are white, compared to the Pakistani Islamic groups currently ravaging young, white, girls, so, by my estimation, it will be at least 2097 before there is parity. Why aren’t the racial equality groups getting to grips with this? Perhaps, by then, the preponderance of black judges will deal harshly with the white devils, just like the white judges are dealing harshly with the Muzzie rapists today. Oh, hang on ….

  6. And since the Black population is only 3% and Asians 12% and only a tiny fraction of any population make it to bring a judge, Black & Asian people are hugely over-represented in the judiciary.

  7. FYI it never works out this way. It’s not like you reach the “proper” percentage and then the electorate goes “Okay, we’re all good now, it’s okay to vote for a non-Asian.” It ends up going from so-called restorative justice to retaliation almost immediately. It becomes a race to give whitey a taste of their own medicine. Instead of keeping the choice to one of meritocracy, whichever ethnicity that puts in the majority, it leads to a mockery of the idea of leadership. Yes, more of a mockery than the UK is already used to. In the U.S., we’ve had candidates twerking in a bikini for social media posts and even starring in porn to promote sex positivity.

  8. How many more years until wypipo are properly represented in tv adverts to match their proportion of the UK population?

  9. Amusingly, just having a little argument with the Law Society’s press officer over exactly these numbers. Blacks make up 1.1% of the 65 to 70 year olds in the population. Asians 2.6%. OK, that’s a little old for all judges, only some of them. But why isn’t the comparison to the age cohort we select judges from, why to the general population? Waiting to see what they say.

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