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Well, if you didn’t have a price cap

The Bank of England’s £40bn push to stop another ‘Lehman moment’
As gas prices surge, new scheme seeks to protect energy companies from collapse

Then you wouldn’t need to do this, would you? So, if this is a problem, why not not have a price cap?

5 thoughts on “Well, if you didn’t have a price cap”

  1. . . . why not not have a price cap?

    See your post above about people responding to what government does. If the people are directly exposed to the true cost of energy this winter, it won’t be the energy companies they go after.

    Whether the price cap is the best buffer solution is a fair question, but be assured there will be a buffer that interferes with the market. Because riots.

  2. Companies are still going to go bust because, without a cap, a very big chunk of people are going to use the energy then fail to pay the bill

  3. @ The Pedant-General
    Not as many as you think because my energy supplier – and I expect most others – are setting direct debits at a level designed to ensure the consumer is making them an interest-free loan eleven months out of twelve and just covering their bills the other month.
    I can’t be bothered to make a fuss about it as they refund me some money whenwever the loan gets big enough for their computer programme to think I’ll notice.

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