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Well, they are

Sussexes are poor by Hollywood standards, claims royal biographer

They’re certainly poor by A List standards. They capital probably puts them well up on B List but their income probably doesn’t. Meghan’s comparator will be A List, of course.

Speaking at the Henley Literary Festival, Brown said: “It’s not very pleasant to be a D-list celebrity who, for them, doesn’t have enough money. It’s a wholly different game to be with those super-rich people.


14 thoughts on “Well, they are”

  1. She went from a regular supporting actress in Suits to an occasional bit part actress in the Royal Family. It’s a far more prestigious “show” but her participation is not enough to elevate her D-list status.

  2. The DT has a strange fascination with Mr and Mrs Markle. I can’t work out whether it’s because they are such an appalling couple or whether they are waiting for them to divorce and try to get an exclusive. Pretty boring subject though…

  3. And this where she bungled it ( see above ). The A listing was there to be had, but she wasn’t prepared to pay the price of being “on set” 365 days a year, shaking hands with the hoi polloi and opening schools in Stoke.

  4. @Grist – the Terriblegraph is indeed obsessed with Ginge & Whinge, but then 99% of the rest of its output is equally dire. I have a freebie sub and am thinking about cancelling.

  5. Normally I’m not bothered by celebrity and the royals.
    But I have been enjoying the spectacle of the Markles.
    There’s just something satisfying about watching arrogant deluded people, who think we owe them a living for sharing their shallow platitudes and crumbs of affection, colliding with the harsh brick wall of reality and finding out we don’t give a fuck.
    Even more fun to come, they’ve realised they’re nearing the end of their relevance with the monarchy changing and trying to row back on the contents of the books/series before they get published.
    So how will they try to keep relevant? Divorce?

  6. MC

    All newspapers are terrible and definitely nowhere to get your “news” from: for that, a carefully curated Twitter feed is all that is necessary. As long as you don’t succumb to the temptation to comment or post anything yourself – that way hell lies.

    Having said which – and avoiding the ‘Femail’ impersonating section for the wives – they have columnists who are worth reading: Juliet Samuel, Charles Moore, AE-P (as long as its not ‘green’ stuff), Andrew Orlowski, Liam Halligan, Allister Heath and, sometimes, Sherelle Jacobs.

  7. The problem perhaps began when MM realised that the royal family isn’t rich by Hollywood standards. Maybe she had believed all the crap in the Guardian about how rich they are, which seems to work by adding together the value of tracts of the country owned by arms of government.

    They get a good income, of course, but much of it seems to be already spoken for in the expenses of doing their jobs. The wag who suggested she divorce Harry and marry Melon Usk may be right.

  8. Dearieme and T the W

    The problem is where does one separate the fortune of HMK from the personal possession of Charles Windsor and the possession of The King ?
    For instance Balmoral and Sandringham are private houses, but Buck House and Windsor aren’t – or something.

    Also much of the King’s personal wealth is in assets, such as large chunks of Manhattan. Her Late Maj was a pretty shrewd investor in the stock market as well as horses.
    William is now personally rich, because he earns the revenue from the Duchy of Cornwall. Harry though, since he gave up on the helicopters has only his civil list income to call on. I think Meghan reckoned without that fact.

  9. Not much good being wealthy if you aren’t allowed to spend it.

    The late Queen bought lots of art. Nice, but boring.

    If she had bought Aston Villa, to turn it around by throwing money at it, then questions would have been asked. Except she’s not even close to that type of rich.

  10. The Queen found out at the age of 10 she had an acting job for the rest of her life.
    Meghan Markle trained to be an actress.
    Step up, visit the places with grooming gangs named after them, open the shops and trams and cycle paths and make us all happy by looking like a happy couple with children.

  11. “The royal family have lots of money.”

    Nobody is saying the royals aren’t rich, you plank – the point is that there isn’t enough ready cash in the Windsor piggybank for Meghan and Harry to spunk up the wall in their ongoing quest for global superstardom.

  12. Meegan was expecting rapper wealth and what she got was Frogmore cottage with drafty windows.

    Of course the ginger idiot cannot afford the divorce which is coming. 100-200k a month alimony and the houses. He is stuffed.

  13. “For instance Balmoral and Sandringham are private houses”: so I understand. Presumably Her late Majesty left them to Charles (though I gather royal wills are kept secret so it’s just anyone’s guess).

    “but Buck House and Windsor aren’t – or something”: there’s no ‘something’ about it. They belong to the country or, not to beat about the bush, to the government.

    I don’t see why people find any of this difficult. Mr Obama owns a mansion on Martha’s Vineyard and is building another in Hawaii. Amazingly, though, the huge federal lands he managed while President turn out to belong to the government and didn’t belong to him personally. He didn’t even own the White House. Macron doesn’t own the Élysée. It’s really not difficult.

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