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Well, you know?

“It’s just interesting what people pick and choose to approve in their mind as far as sex and sexuality goes,” Juree said. “There is nothing I was doing on OnlyFans that I wasn’t doing as a single woman except that I found a way to monetize it.”

It’s legal to donate a kidney. It’s illegal to sell one. So, we do indeed differentiate between things done for money and things not done for money, don’t we?

14 thoughts on “Well, you know?”

  1. they told Allie Rae that she’d have to quit OnlyFans or she’d be fired. The ultimatum came at a time when she and her husband were earning tens of thousands of dollars per month on OnlyFans

    ‘To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, or until either of us starts feeling regret about pimping out videos of your fanny to strange men on an internet porn site.’

  2. I’ve seen that rationalisation before, I was doing this stuff already may as well get paid for it.

    I think it was Traci Lords when it came out she started underage that said the only difference between her and other people she knew was she did it on camera

  3. A good looking nurse? Whatever next! Many I see on the rare occasions I get anywhere near a healthcare professional are clearly overweight, some morbidly so. A few are slim from being on their feet non-stop. So some decide to make money on their backs instead.

  4. It sound like nursing became the side hustle.

    Her choice and I’m not interested in finding out what she previously did just in private, but when the equipment starts to lose its shine, will she feel the need to go to more extreme efforts to maintain an income? Will her husband push her to? Who gets to keep the money?

  5. Wasn’t it Abi Titmuss who was a nurse before a sex tape made her a celebrity and more famous than the z list celebrity she was in it with, can’t actually remember who he was

  6. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Its nowt to do with have and hold from this day forward, there is the general “bringing one’s employer into disrepute”. Especially if using employer-provided cosplay gear.

    Frankly taking 2 months to give her the choice of preferred income stream is pretty laid back.

  7. ” Abi Titmuss who was a nurse before a sex tape made her a celebrity and more famous than the z list celebrity she was in it with, can’t actually remember who he was”

    John Leslie. A man who has managed to be prosecuted for rape and/or sexual assault 3 times and also to be acquitted 3 times. And also to be named publicly as the rapist of a woman who refuses to either confirm or deny the allegations. Not sure exactly what all that says about him really…….

  8. Jim

    You’re reminding me of the Brittany and Bruce rape case here in Oz.

    Brittany and Bruce, drunk as skunks, went into some minister’s office in Parliament House and shagged each other senseless. Bruce then went home to his wife while Brittany woke up later, stark naked, and decided wicked Bruce’d raped her.

    The thing went to trial and the jury, 4 women and 3 men, couldn’t agree. So they’re going to hold another trial.

    Perhaps if it was an all women jury, Bruce’d be found guilty. Of course if they were all blokes like me he’d be found innocent. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

  9. @Jim: ‘Not sure exactly what all that says about him really… ‘

    What’s more pertinent, surely, is what it says about our justice system…

  10. “What’s more pertinent, surely, is what it says about our justice system…”

    My thinking was that to be falsely accused of rape or sexual assault once could be considered unlucky. Twice is pushing that luck and three times is definitely tending towards suggesting some sort of contributing behaviour on the part of the prosecutee. Lets just say if you like swimming in scummy water you’re probably going to get a nasty dose of something, repeatedly…..

  11. While we may distinguish between paid and unpaid actions, that then takes us to the question of whether making porn should be an area where this distinction is made, and there is no reason beyond prudishness why it should. Donating a kidney is something that you can do only once while staying alive (apart from extremely rare cases such as people who naturally have more than two, of course), while making porn can be done repeatedly without any limit. Also, donating a kidney is taking a large risk with your health – it may result in health problems, including death from complications. Making porn is very safe. It does not need any special regulation.

  12. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Charles, working as a porn actress or online stripper is not banned, and working as a nurse is not banned. Both are legal and legitimate ways of earning a living. The social standing of those working in the two professions clearly differs significantly – which raises the actual question. Being, what level of propriety your employer (assuming your contract, as most, permits a little freelancing) may expect of you when you are off duty. At some point that does entitle your employer to terminate your employment.

    Particularly if togs and kit provided by your employer are going to be used as, er, props, in your movies.

    In any case, it seems like she is making out (sorry) far better by selling naughty nurse snaps online than actually being a nurse.

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