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Who let the adults into the room?

Most children who think they’re transgender are just going through a ‘phase’, says NHS

Be a bit of a blow to the modern world if this sort of thing catches on…..

Note that the word “most” is carrying a lot of weight there. There are indeed people for whom chopping off their gonads gender transition is beneficial. But this new advice is stating that this is rare – thus that weight upon the most.

The proposals say that the new clinical approach will for younger children “reflect evidence that in most cases gender incongruence does not persist into adolescence” and doctors should be mindful this might be a “transient phase”.

Instead of encouraging transition, medics should take “a watchful approach” to see how a young person’s conditions develop, the plans state.

When a prepubescent child has already socially transitioned, “the clinical approach has to be mindful of the risks of an inappropriate gender transition and the difficulties that the child may experience in returning to the original gender role upon entering puberty if the gender incongruence does not persist”.

For adolescents, social transition will only be considered when it is necessary for preventing “clinically significant distress” and when a young person “is able to fully comprehend the implications of affirming a social transition”, says NHS England.

Seems all very sensible.

6 thoughts on “Who let the adults into the room?”

  1. “Seems all very sensible”, meaning “will be roundly pilloried by the Usual Supects then memory holed” then.

  2. My reading is that the lawyers have been in touch, and pointed out that the rate of buyers remorse for such procedures and treatments is massive, and that the NHS will be on the hook for all children who undergo irreversible treatments and subsequently decide they don’t like the consequences, and sue.

  3. The concept of gender dysphoria is the body & mind not in synch, i.e. the sufferer thinks he’s in the wrong body. It’s a body image disorder. So is Anorexia, but there is no “Anorexia affirming care” for Anorexics. Another rare one is some body parts don’t belong & they wish to have them (arm, leg, etc) removed.

    What in the hell is the difference other than the shrinks declaring GD to be real rather than a mental disorder? The only justifications I’ve seen for that from the Am Psychological Assoc are (1) previous psychologists’ attempts at changing their mind failed & (2) they find sufferers feel better when their self-diagnosis is affirmed with the promise of future relief by transitioning.

    The shrinks are not very good with Anorexia either. And for nearly all things, comforting a person & providing hope makes ‘em feel better. Duh!

    An official of Vanderbilt Medical Center promoted going into the Gender butcher business by extolling the large amount of money it would bring AND the patients become patients bringing in money for life. Cut ‘em up, give ‘em artificial parts, & they need constant medical treatment for life to keep those artificial genitals viable. VMC has [temporarily?] discontinued editing children after bad publicity.

  4. Just looking at some of the comments about the alcohol advertising ban. And I remembered that in the good old days, kids’d be allowed to drink booze, since it was safer than water.

    So I’m wondering whether giving the kids a beer’d work. At least better than mincing them up!!

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