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Why not, umm, cut spending?

Rishi Sunak is drawing up plans for years of tax rises for everyone in the country, as a Treasury source warned: “It’s going to be rough.”

On Monday, the Prime Minister and the Chancellor decided to bring in “stealth” increases in income tax and National Insurance over the coming years by freezing the thresholds at which people start to pay different rates.

They agreed that “tough decisions” would be needed on tax rises, given the “eye-watering size” of the £50 billion fiscal black hole left by Liz Truss’s disastrous mini-Budget.

It is believed Jeremy Hunt is looking at saving money in a ratio of 50 per cent tax rises and 50 per cent spending cuts – indicating that £25 billion of tax rises could be on the cards.

Cut spending more that is.

Tax as a percentage of GDP is already higher than it has been since the 1950s. So, stop doing things. Like HS2, for a start…..

15 thoughts on “Why not, umm, cut spending?”

  1. I’d abolish the restrictions on fracking and drilling. And scrap all the requirements and subsidies for windmills and solar panels. That way, if they can get through the present mess, things might gradually recover.

    Still, I’d have to agree that chopping HS2’d be a good idea. And of course foreign aid to places like India could have a stake driven through its heart. Then there’s the illegal immigrants. They could all be sold as slaves.

    Any you didn’t catch and sell’d all flee to Frogland, so they wouldn’t cost you anything anyway.

    Want any more suggestions??

  2. 70 per cent of the country believes they are owed a better standard of living off the backs of the 30 per cent. Actually the former will happily settle for a lower standard of living provided we reduce the income of the higher paid to their level. Because inequality ain’t fair.

  3. Nah.

    He, or technically Jeremy unt, is going to do whatever it takes to save the NHS. Until it needs saving again next year then rinse and repeat.

  4. I thought that most, if not all, of the Truss budget was cancelled/not implemented. So how did it create a £50Billion black hole?

  5. So how did it create a £50Billion black hole?

    Subsidising everyone’s gas bill will cost a few pennies.

  6. The problem is, with taxes at-or-near all time highs there’s not much more taxing to be done. You can’t get blood out of a stone.

    As others have said, cut spending. There’s certainly enough dead weight in HS2, Whitehall and Foreign Aid alone to cover most of the backlog and if there isn’t just keep sacking un-civil servants and closing agencies and departments until there is.

    They’ll never do it though. No bottom as Alan Clarke would have said.

  7. Subsidising everyone’s gas bill will cost a few pennies.

    Fair enough but that’s no longer the Liz Truss programme, that’s the truncated Rishi version. The shocking thing is that the media have gone beyond promulgating the official line on Covid and will now unflinching spout all the propaganda they are fed. Jeremy Hunt is a black hole all by himself.

  8. Martin Near The M25

    If they were smart they’d make the virtual signallers take the blame. More money for the NHS? Well there’s this foreign aid budget over here.

    Any of the hospitals that don’t sign up for the money clearly has enough so budget cuts are in order. If they do sign up then clearly the foreign aid budget is too large as we’ve easily reduced it so that can be cut next year.

    But it seems like they’re happy with their reserved seats on the oblivion express.

  9. @ Martin Near The M25

    “If they were smart they’d make the virtual signallers take the blame.”

    When are people going to understand that they are doing precisely what they want? This isn’t an error, or political naivety – they have been taken over by leftists (for want of a better word) since Major and they want to destroy the country and the culture and the west generally every bit as much as Labour does.

  10. Martin Near The M25

    I still think there’s a large proportion of useful idiots in the Conservatives. I don’t believe they’re all deliberately trying to destroy the country. I can’t explain why they’re behaving this way though as that’s going to be the end result.

  11. Somebody cleverer than I said that, to understand politics, you have to realise that the primary motive of politicians is to get (re)-elected; nothing else comes close. The public will, for example, not support heretics who defund our world-beating NHS.

    Somebody even less clever than I, by the name of Juncker, said – well you know what he said because it was in these pages the other day.

  12. Defence spending will take the hit, it is the lowest hanging fruit. Just as we are on the verge of war on several fronts.

    Mind you Blair cut the Army right down before Iraq and that didn’t do any harm, did it ? /sarc

  13. £50bn blackhole: cut spending by ~5% and hole filled

    Bin HS2 & Net-Zero, End all foreign aid, end gift-aid, Sack all divirsity, equalitty, inclusion sustainability, green, woke staff a good start

    JRM in Telegraph – some good bits, but his green crap world on fire support troubling

    “Jacob Rees-Mogg: `Will we be ready by 2030 to ban petrol engines? That´s not a long time off´”

    The former minister now back on the backbenches tells the Telegraph the new PM must take control of Net Zero, tax and immigration

    Something good:

  14. I’m increasingly of the opinion that actually, properly cutting spending requires and enormous amount of political effort. The blob needs to be very carefully watched to avoid the application of the firemen first principle.

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