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Yes, heard this one before

So, on the early rock and roll tours, big competition for who was going to headline. Who was the last act to play that night that is. So the story goes it was decided by whose latest record was highest up the charts. So:

Another infamous “Killer” moment involved Berry. When the pair were on tour, Lewis objected to Berry going on after him, and so set his piano on fire following his performance with the words: “Follow that, boy.”

7 thoughts on “Yes, heard this one before”

  1. Jerry Lee Lewis was, by all accounts and even by the crazy, drug fueled narcissistic adventures of rock stars, a weapons grade arsehole.

    So RIP, Goose.

  2. I’m amazed that the Guardian could put together a biographical sketch without mentioning the racist hegemony which enabled Lewis to profit from the raw emotional outpourings of the African diaspora. Is someone off sick and they had to copy this one from somewhere else?

  3. I thought Rock’n’Roll was tedious rubbish, with the exception of JLL’s Great Balls of Fire and a couple of Mr Berry’s ditties.

    Even by the standards of pop music only three decent tracks across – what, about ten years? – was pretty awful.

  4. dearieme: listen to any modern music genre. There are usually only a few pearls amongst the dross. But my pearls won’t be the same as your pearls. GBOF is good though.

  5. With the advent of self driving cars it’s into a matter of time before there’s a country and western song about a guy who’s truck leaves him

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