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You what?

Thailand enjoys a positive international reputation, but when it comes to the rights and lifestyles of LGBTQ communities, the absence of a procedure for transgender people to change their legal gender, coupled with insufficient legal protections and social stigma, limits transgender people’s access to services and exposes them to daily indignities, Human Rights Watch said in a report last year.

I thought Thailand was rather famous for its M to F transexuals?

13 thoughts on “You what?”

  1. I reckon the tranny mentalists don’t like to include ladyboys because they show up the hairy pervs in frocks who make up 90% of the trans lobby, by actually making a bit of effort to look like a woman.

  2. Looks to me as though the Thais let everyone pose and pretend as they wish, but don’t insist the rest of the populace pander to the bullshit.

    Sounds like a perfectly reasonable compromise to me.

  3. The Thay have a rather typical view of the whole LGBTX thing, but ultimately their attitude is based on “Kathoey” being a mental disability which should be pitied, not persecuted or “corrected”.
    Something-something karmic philosophy.

    Of course, the “ladyboys” ( wrong term, but hey…) are still considered male, regardless of what they themselves think they are. You don’t let mentally ill people decide that stuff for themselves, after all.
    Almost all other problems Kathoeys run into are of a similar bent: They are considered mentally ill, and, like anyone of diminished mental capacity, do not get to decide/do stuff because of that.

  4. Bollocks on stilts. There is absolutely no bias against lady boys or their opposite number, tom ladies. They’re not even bullied at school.

    Also the word for person in Thai is not gendered, e.g. Khun Jack, Khun Jill. Can’t be more equal than that. So the grifters at Human Rights Watch can just fuck right off.

  5. Apart from all the pEdophilia and sex tourism …?

    AKAIK Thailand’s prostitution laws are similar to the UK’s. It’s more popular with sex tourists because it is cheaper and has better weather. Noncery is no more approved of there than in the UK and I reckon the Muslim rape gangs would have faced far more appropriate punishment if they’d operated in Thailand.

  6. “limits access to services”

    Yerwot? They want to see your birth certificate and confirm it matches what’s in your undercrackers before they’ll sell you a coffee?

  7. MC,
    That’s pretty much it. The sex trade in Pattaya is worth a lot of money to a lot of people, interfering with it gets you robbery-gone-wronged, i.e. shot. Also most of those girls are sending money home to their mum who is looking after their kid who would otherwise be destitute, so morally difficult. There are Muslims here, from the far south, but they are ethnically the same people as the Thais and are well behaved.

  8. Noncery is no more approved of there than in the UK . . .

    Gaddy Glitter had to go to Vietnam. Hopefully, now that they’re richer, that avenue is shut off too.

  9. “exposes them to daily indignities”
    i s’pose being taken up the bum by a sweaty, overweight, middle-aged Brit could be described as that.

  10. From what I’ve seen on YouTube, one big difference is that the Thai ladyboys are very upfront about being a ladyboy.
    They don’t seem to try and insist you refer to them as a woman.

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