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An absurdity

Here, no, go read it.

Of course, far too old, too married to even think about it. But Miss Gofftown’s Teen (sigh, age, marriage, etc etc).

10 thoughts on “An absurdity”

  1. Well, even if the bloke was a woman, I’d have to say, ‘EEEEEWWWWW!!!!!!!’

    Of course he, she or it would probably breathe a sigh of relief when I did.

  2. I cannot understand why the REAL women take part in these things. They know that they stand no chance of winning.

  3. The replies to the Spudtweet are worth a look. I can finally understand how he has managed to clock up twenty thousand tweets under the sea and yet still the noisome pests keep coming at him.

  4. “Right ladies, everybody smile while standing around the fat, tranny manatee. Anyone that doesn’t will be classified a TERF and cancelled.”

    Ugh. Woke world is so tiresome and ugly.

    At least they could have let some twinky trans girl win it in a cute dress and heels, but I suppose that doesn’t provide the humiliation aspect. Not only must we be insulted, but we must feel insulted to the very core of our being.

    This ain’t gonna end well…

  5. This is more of the thing of squatters taking over when something is made redundant.

    Beauty pageants used to be a way for girls to get into modelling/acting. They went along, got spotted, and off the back of it moved from working in a local shop to being a model. And provided pretty girls in swimsuits for men to look at. Technology replaced these.

    So, what purpose do they serve today? It’s just this thing that is no longer relevant but hangs around, so it gets taken over by any bunch of clowns because no-one actually cares.

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