Anyone in Pittsburgh?

I seem to recall that at least one reader here is from Pittsburgh? Possibly, maybe, might still be in Pittsburgh?

Another reader and contact of this blog has recently landed a job at U of P in P and given the common interest of reading here perhaps could be taken out for a beer and a “don’t eat the hoagies here, this is the right place” sorta thing?

Or, maybe there isn’t a resident, just an escapee from, reading here. Let me know please.

1 thought on “Anyone in Pittsburgh?”

  1. You’ve got a Yinzer here, Tim. I now live in NYC, but have been itching for an opportunity to visit the ol’ stomping grounds someday. Even if my schedule doesn’t allow for that (and winter isn’t the best season either), I can at least offer a great deal of tips. I’m assuming by “U of P” you mean Pitt?

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