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Because Toto was the better actor……

Toto the Dog in ‘Wizard of Oz’ Earned More Money Than Some Actors on Set

5 thoughts on “Because Toto was the better actor……”

  1. Maybe because Toto never forgot his lines / wasn’t constantly sniffing after the female lead /never went off set to throw up after a late night on the booze /didn’t know where there fuck he was after too many spliffs / quelludes / uppers / downers …..

  2. Addolff has good Wizard of Oz knowledge. I quote

    “Judy said: “One of them, a gentleman of about 40, asked me for dinner. He was about two inches high, and I didn’t want to say, ‘I can’t, because you’re a midget’.

    “So I just said, ‘No, my mother wouldn’t like it’. And he said, ‘C’mon, bring yer ma, too. Two broads for the price of one’.””

  3. A nice Wizard of Oz story from a work colleague.

    She was fortyish and childless, and a few years ago she had to host her two nieces for Christmas because their parents had been delayed overseas. The girls were 11 and 13, and she decided to pull out all the stops to give them a proper traditional Christmas because they were so disappointed that their usual family Christmas was trashed. So a flat full of decorations and a big tree; lots of presents; turkey and pudding; and some proper old-fashioned Christmas films for them to watch while she was preparing lunch. She chose A Christmas Carol; It’s a Wonderful Life; and The Wizard of Oz. Probably not what the girls were used to, but classics.

    She had a suspicion things were not going to plan when the girls exchanged frequent glances when she started them off with The Wizard, but left them to it while she went off to prepare the turkey. There were frequent bursts of laughter from the sitting room, but not of the right kind. Then the youngest came into the kitchen to get some snacks. Julie went into the pantry to sort them, and the 13-year old came into the kitchen to report the latest developments to her sister: “Oh! My! God!! The lion’s just a fuckin’ man in a fuckin’ lion suit!”

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