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Bless The Guardian

Or the headline writers at least:

Demand for rental homes in UK up by 23% in a year, as rents hit record high

For that should read “Rents hit record high as demand for rental homes up by 23% in a year.”

Helps to get cause and effect the right way around there.

12 thoughts on “Bless The Guardian”

  1. Rents have only one way to go if Gove carries out his threat to make landlords responsible for providing tenant-proof properties. Maybe the Government can show how to do it by making all ‘Social’ Housing tenant proof – and being honest about how much it costs.

  2. What would you get if you voted Labour, Steve??

    At the moment, fuck all difference.
    Currently, the public narrative and the public mood is all against the Tories. And it’s entirely of their own making.

  3. Bboy – the ‘Conservatives’ have lurched so far to the left, Keir Starmer is now positioning himself as the tax-cutting, Rejoin-rejecting alternative.

    Obviously he’s a lying cunt, but aren’t they all?

  4. Well, it was important to teach those evil BTL landlords a lesson so interest deduction and CGT tax rules were specifically changed to target them. So making BTL less attractive. Meaning less rental properties available.


  5. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Helps to get cause and effect the right way around there.

    If the Guardian got cause and effect right on anything they wouldn’t be the Guardian, now would they?

  6. “What would you get if you voted Labour, Steve??”

    The same as we get from the Tories. Except that all the subsequent problems would then be Labour’s fault, and may, just maybe someone on the Right might put their hand up and suggest doing something different. Like not allowing the 3rd world to take over the country, securing our own energy resources, sticking Net Zero into the long grass (its not hard, you don’t even have to go full ‘climate denier’ mode, all you say is ‘Yes Net Zero is wonderful and necessary, but unless everyone does it globally its pointless, therefore we will only participate in a global Net Zero initiative that everyone signs up to’), and reducing the size of government and reducing taxes.

    As it stands the Tories are doing Labour’s work for them, and taking all the flack for their policies being a crock of shit. And Labour can rightly stand there and say ‘Everything is going to shit’ and pretend to have the answers. Which of course they don’t they just want more of the same. But the electorate is too stupid to realise that (I blame comprehensive education) and will vote for them anyway.

    If we are going to have shit Leftist policies let Leftists implement them, and take the blame for them.

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