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Business idea

Proper, real, Roman sorbets.

Collect the snow from unadulterated glaciers, Alp-tops and the like. Make sorbet.

There are, I insist, people out there stupid enough to pay the costs, with a decent profit margin, of such a project. They’ll buy water from Fiji, there are people bottling water from glaciers etc.

Garum flavour anyone?

8 thoughts on “Business idea”

  1. Even the ice from the glacier des Glaciers wasn’t drunk, it was used to keep the milk fresh on the way to Paris.
    Rules on heavy metals and such have been tightened up since the nineteenth century so your sorbet scheme may have to find a lower (pre industrial) layer of ice. Good luck mining a moving glacier.
    On Baffin Island and Greenland you might find what the French call “moulins” (holes giving access to liquid water at the bottom of the glacier) and these might – might – be stable enough to exploit.
    But you are going to end up with some costly sorbets, I think.

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