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Can’t say that I think this is possible

How to reduce your dog’s carbon pawprint by almost 700 per cent

The idiocy of even worrying about dog carbon footprints does occur. But, mathematically, unless the pawprint is going to go negative you can’t reduce by 700%, can you?

Analysis of almost 1,000 pet diets, including both dog and cat menus, found that a wet food diet produces almost seven times as much carbon dioxide as a dry food alternative.

Ah, reduce by 70% then……

14 thoughts on “Can’t say that I think this is possible”

  1. I also make it ~85% but then I’m an arts graduate (and Oxford, BiS).

    What was the carbon footprint of testing 1000 samples of pet food, I wonder?

  2. “Analysis of almost 1,000 pet diets, including both dog and cat menus…”

    I thought this was going to be about socialism ending up with people eating their pets.

  3. Well, you could be in negative territory if the dog consumes carbon rather than emits it. And from experience, dogs will eat anything. A shoe (but not the other),chair legs, important documents… With a dog in the house there’s certainly a vast reduction in food waste.

    In view of Tim’s later post, I’d keep quiet about that if I was you TMB.

  4. Not a fan of these barky, bitey, shit and piss depositing things, so I’d reduce their entire carbon footprint by a mass cull, at least in cities. I’d extend this to a good number of the owners as well.

    I’m fine with cats.

  5. In view of Tim’s later post, I’d keep quiet about that if I was you TMB.

    I read the threads in reverse order 🙂

  6. Shoot it?

    If we did that with all the Neo-Pagan gods of forest, river, sea, animals, sun, rain and wind worshipers we could save tons of ‘carbon’ and tons of money.

  7. As this is a Terriblegraph science article we can be assured that either the science or the journalism is bollocks, or both. Having skimmed it, I see that it is an attempt to push vegetarianism on dogs, or rather on everyone, via their pets.

  8. As for the Terriblegraph, they seem to have upped their blocking game recently. With Ghostery & Ublock Origin on Firefox I was able to see anything on their website browsing in private mode, but now I get an overlaid screed inviting me to subscribe, much like the FT and the Times. That may, of course, be a Firefox thing as they recently upped it to a new version.

  9. Used to have a pig dog, who would eat cats whenever she had a chance. Not sure how the carbon footprint of that could be calculated. Probably a grant there for someone.

  10. @TG
    Turn off Javascript in your browser (usually possible on a site-by-site basis) and you can see all the Telegraph pages, albeit without interactive graphs etc.

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