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Don’t you know who I am?

Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts is calling on Congress to pass new legislation to rein in Big Tech companies after Elon Musk ignored an information request. “Elon Musk could respond to my tweets but failed to respond to my letter by yesterday’s deadline and answer basic questions about Twitter verification,” Markey tweeted Saturday. “Congress must end the era of failed Big Tech self-regulation and pass laws that put user safety over the whims of billionaires.”

They oughta pass a law!

One random legislator in one of the 192 legislatures that Twitter is subject to gets all pissy about not gaining personal attention.


7 thoughts on “Don’t you know who I am?”

  1. I hope Musk sends him back a photo of his middle digit.

    Unless Twitter has broken any laws or under investigation they’re not obligated to respond to anyone.

    Reminds me of that time one of the more legendary businessmen here in Australia, Kerry Packer, was summoned to appear before a Senate committee and he treated them with utter contempt. I loved it.

    “When asked to give his name and title Mr Packer obliged before adding: “I appear here this afternoon reluctantly.”


    “You’re either gonna have to believe me or call me a liar,” Mr Packer snarled when one committee member found his answer difficult to believe.”

  2. Given that Twitter is based in the USA it’s probably subject to 192 + 50 legislatures.

    Maybe, just maybe we have a surfeit of legislation and still they fail the basics of actual governance (i.e. doing what the people actually want them to do instead of their corporate sponsors).

    Ayn Rand was right.

  3. “Elon Musk could respond to my tweets but failed to respond to my letter..”

    And that’s exactly where the dear Senator made the first mistake.
    A letter? In this day and age? He should have sent an email…

  4. Maybe Elon could link to an online petition to audit Sen. Markey’s campaign finances. That should shut him up real quick.

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