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Err, right

Plans to build the biggest lithium hydroxide refinery in Europe in Teesside have been given the go-ahead, paving the way for the creation of 1,000 jobs and a local supply of a key battery material.

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council approved the plan for the plant, which is expected to produce the metal in refined form from 2025.

Since when is a hydroxide a metal?


No, they’ve not really quite grasped this.

The plant will receive material that is already quite high in lithium content after an initial refining process is carried out near to the mines in Australia which will supply it.

The refinery will then use green electricity from vast North Sea offshore wind farms to separate the material into lithium hydroxide and sulphuric acid as a byproduct, which can be sold to chemical firms locally.

Separate? Err, no.

Currently, it is estimated that more than 90pc of rare earth minerals are processed in China, even though the unrefined materials can be found in countries including Australia, the US, Chile and Argentina. Refined lithium is then used to make batteries for electric cars and a plethora of gadgets.

Lithium a rare earth? Err, no.

The other issue is that by definition such a plant processes spodumene concentrate. Which, given the rise of brines, geothermal and clay deposits might end up being the marginal production, the most expensive and the first to close as those other supplies rise. It’s a big bet that is, not a certain investment.

8 thoughts on “Err, right”

  1. When I read “science” writing like that, it becomes clear how the Al Gore Enrichment Fund (aka GLOBAL WARMING theory) became so popular…

  2. ‘ Since when is a hydroxide a metal…’

    Since a trace atmospheric gas, carbon dioxide,, became a solid, carbon – and despite being essential to all life on Earth is accused of being a pollutant and responsible for a future extinction event so must be eliminated.

    Since nitrogen which makes up 79% of the Earths atmosphere, essential to all life on Earth, is also accused of being responsible for said future extinction event and so must be eliminated.

    Why do you ask? Don’t you know it’s futile to ask the inmates of an insane asylum anything, even if they are running it?

  3. The point of milk floats is to massively reduce the number of cars (i.e. remove freedom of travel for the vast bulk of the population). The total incompatibility of milk floats with the availability and ease of use/support we have with real cars is a feature, not a bug.

    I really find it difficult to get my head round the degree of ignorance or wilful obtuseness you need to not see this.

    I’m not sure what level of car ownership is intended, what the size of the outer party will be, but if you think you will be a member, do recall that Winston Smith didn’t have a car (or much else!)

    Or maybe it’s intended also to spunk away pension funds to make doubly sure that those of us who have managed to accrue a bit of wealth over the decades

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