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Err, yes?

Vaping may be damaging the heart in a similar way to smoking, according to research.

Scientists have found that people who vape experience a spike in their heart rate as well as their blood pressure in a similar way to people who smoke traditional cigarettes.

Nicotine affects the heart rate – it’s a stimulant. We knew that, right?

13 thoughts on “Err, yes?”

  1. @Mohave Greenie:
    Yep, and they aren’t the only things. I can only conclude that exercise must also cause heart disease.

  2. Public “health” are absolutely desperate to show vaping is bad for you. Worse, they actually want it to be bad for you.

    The idea that it might be a largely harmless recreation simply cannot be countenanced.

  3. Nicotine does what nicotine does what nicotine is supposed to do regardless of method of administering it inside the body, News At Eleven, yadda.

    Given that half-cocked “research” by prodnosing busybody Nugganites is, by far, more detrimental to my heart-rate and blood pressure than nicotine ever will be…. Maybe time to address that?

  4. Mild stimulants are used for ADHD.

    Ketamine microdoses seem to help psychosis.

    That’s just how humans work.

    I find caffeine helps me sleep.

  5. Where are all these tireless health researchers when doctors are handing out “puberty blockers” to little kids?

    “Sorry, we’re too busy trying to stop 40-somethings enjoying a puff.”

  6. If you’re not used to nicotine or caffeine then it will be a stimulant. But once you’re used to it, then it will be a relaxant since taking will stop the craving.

  7. ‘… people who vape experience a spike in their heart rate as well as their blood pressure in a similar way to people…’

    … who climb stairs, run to catch a bus, jog, exercise in the gym, are startled, drink strong coffee, hear any politician yap, listen to Saint Greta of Mysanthropia or any climate change bullshitter, or hear ‘safe and effective’ or ‘we didn’t understand what we were dealing with in March 2020’… it’s a long list.

  8. “Boganboy
    November 1, 2022 at 3:33 am
    True JK277. Sex must be banned immediately!!”

    Our scientists are already working on eliminating the orgasm. Soon sex will be a perfunctory duty, like renewing your ration card.

  9. Exercise? Doing a pyramid set at the swimming pool last week, got my heart rate up to 170BPM. 64 and still cracking my target times and having to revise them downwards. Are they saying that this is bad for me?

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