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Even The Guardian finds this ridiculous

Angola has urged the UK to adopt an emergency poverty strategy to protect its most vulnerable citizens from the cost-of-living crisis.

The call – from a country where more than half of its population of 34 million people live on less than $2 (£1.75) a day, on behalf of citizens of one of the world’s richest – was among several concerns raised before a UN review of the UK’s human rights record today.

But that is what will happen when you forget the difference between absolute poverty and relative poverty.

7 thoughts on “Even The Guardian finds this ridiculous”

  1. Lead headline on the Guardian website now:

    “David Walliams recorded making derogatory remarks about BGT contestants”

    The Guardian is a serious media outlet – discuss

  2. It’s around 60 years since The Manchester Guardian changed its name and moved to the Smoke. That roughly coincides with its ceasing to be a serious paper.

  3. Is this some variety of the Nigerian 419 e-mails? Anyone read the full text? It ask for your bank details?

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