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Fair enough

A Twitter employee who’s 8 months pregnant says she was locked out of her company laptop the night before mass layoffs were due to be announced

Seems sensible. She’s going to be a little busy the next few months, right?

14 thoughts on “Fair enough”

  1. It’s fun how none of these articles considers *why* the extremely unprofessional blue haired fuckwits and trannies at Twitter – with their long history of embarrassing public temper tantrums – can’t be trusted with admin passwords now that the new boss has just dropped $44Bn on the place.

    But it probably wouldn’t occur to a journo since they also belong on a B-Ark.

    Would this have happened in the 90’s tho? I truly believe professionalism died in the early 2000’s when it became acceptable to not wear ties. Social Justice infected corporations are low trust societies, with all that implies.

  2. So they’ve managed to interview a person who bleeds and doesn’t bleed at the moment. Have the managed to find a person with an odd number of limbs. Or a person whose sexual fetish is furry. They might eventually find a person with external genitalia whose skin burns if they are not in the office 24/7.

  3. Twitter offered 20 weeks paid maternity leave, so she’s quite reasonably upset that Elon moved her cheese. In France or Germany he would just be starting negotiations with the workers’ council.

  4. George Soros bought out several Spanish-language radio stations to counter the conservative ideas many of them were supporting. For any of the pregnant female employees who were terminated from that station, would Business Insider be writing this same article?

    Private company deems an employee low-performing or redundant. Termination results. In the U.S. (except for Montana), we have at-will employment, so an employer doesn’t even need a reason to fire a worker. And even in Montana, the only difference is that an employee must be in a probationary period before an at-will firing can take place.

    The Twitter employees who are getting let go, especially those who were fine with shutting down or censoring accounts, deserve every bit of stress and hardship they’re about to experience. Zero sympathy from me. They can go work at Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta, TikTok…

  5. boo.hoo.

    The most laughable complainant I’ve seen pass by today was a manager from a dev team. The one that was working on “ethical moderation algorythms”.
    Yup.. One of the ones managing the Woke Badspeak Team was upset and surprised she got locked out and canned…

  6. This is the classic bloated nationalised industry hit with the shock of privatisation and stripping out of layers and layers of redundant staff. The only surprise is that it’s a private sector company, but it has all the hallmarks of a nationalised company – exists solely to create jobs for those in favour.

  7. I’m not sure why being pregnant would have anything to do with it. Seems that Elon has gone in and seen the full scale of the catastrophe. He’s naturally cutting out a whole lot dead wood.

    I personally hope Twitter goes under and I wouldn’t mind if it takes Musk with it. He and the mental asylum of Twatter deserve each other.

  8. Rhoda – it’s definitely the ties, I reckon. Idk how anybody expects to successfully flirt with the Asian yummy mummies in Marketing if you’re wearing a hoodie.

    The reason the 60’s went off the rails into craziness and hippies is because men stopped wearing hats. Now we’ve ditched the tie, we’re up to our balls in soyboys with pronouns in their email signature.

    Coinkydink? I think not. Clothes do make the man and basically Oscar Wilde was right about everything.

  9. Dennis, Inconveniently Noting Reality

    She should learn to code… Like those laid-off coal miners in West Virginia did.

  10. How glad I am that most of my working life has not been blighted by having to wear a tie – stupid, uncomfortable things. Cravats are different – rather comfortable and often pleasingly colourful, but perhaps sending out unfortunate signals in my generation. Oh well.

    Hats? I’d be perfectly happy if baseball caps were banned for anyone who is neither playing baseball nor driving a tractor in the Midwest. I rather like ratting caps though, even for people who are not ratting. Matter of taste, innit?

  11. Dennis +1

    Dearieme – Cravats are different – rather comfortable and often pleasingly colourful, but perhaps sending out unfortunate signals in my generation.

    When I see a man in a cravat, my first thought is moral danger to gullible young blond men and/or Thai ladyboys but maybe that’s just me (not the ladyboys).

    The tie, I always found to be a splendid companion. It feels good to put your business armour on and go physically sweet talk a customer in the real world, the normal world, as if it was still 2008 or summat. Follow it up with a ruddy great handshake and then drinks with the boys. This new world of ironic t-shirts and skinnyjeans and Microsoft Beelzebub Teams is no place for a man like me. I am a big, beautiful T-Rex roaring mournfully in the La Brea tar pits.

    Modern life is so convenient and so unsatisfying, no? Come the Big Calypso, I hope we decide to be cowboys next time.

    Or, your ain folk from Highlander. Running about in kilts, stabbing each other and getting Scottishly drunk. Impressing cuties with your biceps at the market. Occasional epic swordfights with your mortal enemies.

    Why did the Scots destroy paradise? Groundskeeper Wilie was right: DAMN SCOTS! YA RUINED SCOTLAND!

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