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Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for fraud

Mills grind slow but small.

The criminal defence lawyer described the Theranos founder’s crimes as “more art than science”. Her lawyers also argued that she deserved more lenient treatment as a well-meaning entrepreneur and devoted mother – who was “visibly pregnant” and allowed to be seated during the sentencing.

Whassat? She pleaded her belly again?

10 thoughts on “Finally”

  1. Whassat? She pleaded her belly again?

    Well, they clearly ignored it the first time around, just like they ignored her pleas that she was the real victim here.

    Personally, I think she got off lightly. Thanks to big Don’s sentencing reforms she’ll be out in 5 years, maybe less. Look at what Bernie Madoff got (150 years in prison).

    Is that REALLY going to be the difference between running a Ponzi scheme and outright fraud?

    Classic pussy pass.

  2. Wrong career choice. She should have chosen politics. With her talents she could have a shot at POTUS in ’24.

  3. From what I can remember her board had bigwigs from both sides, which was part of why it took so long to catch her.
    Don’t remember her donation history, but any large company will donate to both sides. Probably not evenly, but it doesn’t have to be as long as you’re considered a “big donor”.

  4. @M – Yup, in the FTX scam, Sam Bankster-Fraud was donating vast sums to the Democrats whilst his Chief Financial Officer was a major donor for the Republicans.

    As long as both sides are getting a cut…


  5. She was not convicted of harming anyone as apparently when some doctors realized the tests were giving bad results they went to a proper lab and had them done over. However, she probably wouldn’t have cared much if anyone was harmed. She did lie to regulators. She also ripped off a bunch of very unsympathetic investors – substantially rich old men who when dealing with a pretty young woman young enough to be their great granddaughter they starting thinking with some other than their heads. I suppose there must be more sympathetic investor who was harmed in the mix, but it doesn’t appear to have been a widows and orphans thing like Madoff. It was publicized that VCs who do invest in medical technology stayed away from Theranos.

    On another note, that off duty police woman a few years ago who walked into what she mistakenly thought was her apartment, encountered her black neighbor, thought he was burgling her apartment and shot him dead was given 10 years. Holmes has received a stiffer sentence though will likely go to a nicer jail.

    I don’t doubt that Holmes is a real selfish lying bitch who probably did get knocked up in the hopes of some sympathy, but I don’t see that she is getting off easy.

  6. I don’t doubt that Holmes is a real selfish lying bitch who probably did get knocked up in the hopes of some sympathy, but I don’t see that she is getting off easy.

    Bernie Madoff got 150 years!

  7. Bernie Madoff’s victims were a far more sympathetic lot and they were not taking a risk on a startup venture where losses are more common than not. Holmes ripped off Rupert Murdoch and others of his ilk who should have known better. The two cases are different in many ways. Eleven years, of which she will probably serve most of it, is not exactly getting off light.

  8. Eleven years matches the sentencing guidelines almost exactly. Bernie stole a lot more, so a longer sentence, and there are other factors.

  9. There’s a commenter here called Jonathan who I expected to give us his usual explanation for Madoff getting 150 years.

    Has he vanished?

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