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For people with cervixes

“Sir, this is for people with cervixes”


“Well, I don’t want to misgender you but I think it unlikely that you’ve got one”

“No, no, I have, here in this bottle. Went down the mortuary, see?”

University accused of ‘replacing women’ after smear test study invited ‘people with cervixes’

8 thoughts on “For people with cervixes”

  1. @jgh

    My pronouns are: hic, haec, hoc.

    But if it’s sex you want: horum, harum, horum …. depending on orientation.

  2. It would be multiple people not people having multiple cervices if that makes any difference

    I suppose it comes down to what do you mean by ‘with’ does it mean physical possession of a biologically functional item located within your body and does just believing you have one count. It’s almost as if we need to develop some sort of word to encompass the distinctions needed

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