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From a PR email

The Number of Global Millionaires Will Increase 40% By 2026

Inflation is a bugger, innit?

3 thoughts on “From a PR email”

  1. If we act now we can prevent this.

    Please donate to the Bill Gates Foundation and mark the cheque or transfer “Milionaire Hindrance”

  2. I wonder whether I am a global millionaire? Nope, our biggest asset is permanently moored in the South East quadrant of England so we ain’t global at all.

    Mind you, we’re not millionaires either unless you value the house a bit on the high side and capitalise our pensions, including our state pensions, on rather generous terms.

    Not to worry: it’ll all vanish on care costs in the end. I suppose they never deduct the expected liability for care costs in these calculations, do they?

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