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Heisenberg’s Clitoris

We can know what it is:

Here’s a new piece of trivia to toss out at a party sometime: The human clitoris seems to contain more than 10,000 nerve endings. Researchers this month are apparently the first to try counting the precise number of nerve fibers located in the pleasure-giving organ, using tissue samples taken from human volunteers. The findings surpass previous estimates, which were based on studying other animals.

But now we know that we can’t know where it is.

19 thoughts on “Heisenberg’s Clitoris”

  1. But now we know that we can’t know where it is.
    You speak for yourself. In case you’re not aware, these things come in different sizes. Some are indeed somewhat modest & tricky to locate. And some are difficult to ignore. (I’m sure there are women who would make similar comments about men). So from the physics perspective, they’re more like black holes. You’d know if you fell into one.

    Does raise an interesting question. Is the 10,000 a constant? Does smallness increase density like neutron stars? Or is it flat space? And is there grant money available for further research? A great deal of further research with any luck.

  2. “using tissue samples taken from human volunteers.”

    Sure. OK. Were many of the volunteers young girls from Middle-Eastern and African countries?

  3. ACKSHUALLY, we can know where the clitoris is, exactly, or we can know where it’s going exactly, but nobody can know why the wife is upset about me forgetting our anniversary again.

    It’s SCIENCE.

  4. 10,000 nerve endings and still not as sensitive as Owen Jones when somebody disagrees with him.

    (An old joke I know, but still a goodun)

  5. Not easy to find? You can’t miss it: take the road north, either side of the canyon, until you reach the refreshment tent. You’ll find it hiding out of the sunshine, but it’ll need some encouragement to emerge.

  6. Dennis, Noting The Bright Light Emanating From Ely

    The human clitoris? Hasn’t he just announced that he’s going into the jungle?

    Last I heard he was still in Ely.

  7. Wasn’t one of the other findings recently that it extended way further than the visible bit you can see, sort of like an iceberg there’s more of it hidden than visible

  8. Not recently, BniC. Been known for decades.
    It’s just that modern imaging techniques and a bit less fnar-fnarring has given a more accurate picture lately.

  9. But we still can’t say that only women have them, right?

    Read the article to the end, JuliaM. You didn’t think they’d leave that out, did you?

  10. Well, there’s a certain amusement at the sampling – which was from those who decided not to have them any more……

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