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How the Hell can this be true?

It’s Becoming Impossible to Find Affordable Housing in Every Single Capital City
Australia’s housing crisis continues to stretch households thin, as more than 40 percent of low income households begin to experience housing stress.

There’re what, 35 million people on an entire continent? How fucked up are the planning laws if they’ve a housing shortage?

13 thoughts on “How the Hell can this be true?”

  1. Tell us what the rules are and it will be easy to find the problem. If prices are high it’s because there are customers at that price. But if those people are willing to pay more to live wherever, if you can’t afford it you have to live elsewhere.

  2. As any fule kno

    Australia is completely screwed and aparently the people there love having it shoved up their backsides good and hard.

    At least they seem to in Victoria.

  3. How fucked up are the planning laws if they’ve a housing shortage?

    How many times do you have to face this riddle before you realise not all housing shortage is due to planning law.

  4. This is more about price at a given location. I doubt their struggling with affordability in Coober Pedy. Urban and suburban Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra I can understand.

  5. What if houses make me physically sick?

    What if I could legally sleep outside for free? Why did you lot let that natural right get taken from me?

  6. Under English law you’re entirely welcome to sleep outside for free. Not on someone else’s property, obviously, but no one gets arrested for rough sleeping. Badgered by people who want to take them into the warm, sure, but not arrested. You’ve not heard of Anatole France I take it?

  7. Many factors :
    Airbnb rather than long term rent, gather that’s very significant in some places
    Planning laws , mainly cost and delays of approvals process
    Building houses big enough for six when most households are two or three people
    Complicated inefficient tax’s
    Corruption of the game of mates variety.

    Same time we’ve had no population growth for nearly three years

  8. I thought that if you slept outside in Australia, you woke up to find that a python had wrapped itself round you to keep itself warm.

  9. What if I could legally sleep outside for free?

    Full circle. Isn’t this how the chronic name-shifter first made its irritating debut?

  10. Australia is actually a very urban society, if you exclude the sheep. More so than say the US. But Aussie planners also believe that a growing population should be housed in itty-bitty rent controlled apartments that no one wants to build.

    The old joke about Australia is that it’s much like America except that once you’ve passed the Appalachians you’re in Utah for the next 3,000 miles.

  11. The rental market in most capital cities around the country is very tight. Where I live, the occupancy rate is higher than it’s ever been. There are a multitude of factors, but a big part of it is simple supply and demand. Not enough dwellings are being built to house everyone. Politicians and activist groups call for rent controls, more public housing etc, but we all know what ends up happening there – the problem just gets worse.

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