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I recall this place

After she’d moved on to the Carved Angel tho‘.

A quintessentially English woman with handsome features and a frank, steadfast expression, Molyneux learnt her craft under the flamboyant George Perry-Smith at the Hole in the Wall in Bath.

Came back from the US, where I’d been working as a waiter/bartender. Making $50 to $100 a shift.

Got to the Hole in the Wall. Made £49 in my first week, including tips that was, for a 48 hour week.

When I moved on – after 4 weeks – to something better paid I was told “Well, you’ve just not got it in you to do proper food, do you?”

Well, no, near slavery never has been a desire of mine. Lordy Be the “fine food” sector was badly paid back then.

3 thoughts on “I recall this place”

  1. TBF, our Genial Host had a high comparative advantage in USA with his cut glass English accent, lending a definite flavour of sophistication to his establishment. In Bath… his only advantage was in not speaking raw Twertonese.

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