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It’s a really weird idea

Boys need to talk more about feelings and fight inequality, report says
The Global Boyhood Initiative aims to enable adults to raise boys to become men who embrace healthy masculinity

Why is this “healthy” masculinity defined by being more female?


13 thoughts on “It’s a really weird idea”

  1. The Global Boyhood Initiative

    The title sounds rather yukky: does it have its own bespoke initial in the LQWERTY pantheon of perversion?

  2. Is Peter Mandelson involved in this somehow?

    The 35-page report claims that, as ideas of gender and boyhood are changing to be more fluid, traditional notions of masculinity such as physical, sexual and intellectual prowess – as well as heterosexuality – still dominate.

    No shit. In other news, cats aren’t vegan either.

  3. We’ve already tested this strategy for the past 50 years or so, and it’s a confirmed failure. We now have irresponsible and undesirable men who don’t strive for ambitious careers or protect their own significant others. We have far more Chamberlains and far less Churchills.

    I once had a manager at work who was friendly enough at first, but turned into a different person when we started working together on an account. I get in the zone and focus on my tasks just as much as the next guy, but he became isolated from the rest of the office during those times. He sat right next to me and still wouldn’t even answer simple questions I needed answered to do my job. The few times he paid attention to me, he would be very snappy and abrupt with me, as if I was wasting his time. One time I made a point of only asking him one question for the entire day, and he wouldn’t even set aside time for that. No other coworker at this or any other ad agency ever behaved that way.

    Holiday season was fast approaching, and we already had a difficult client as it was, and I knew this lack of communication would hinder us, so I found a conference room and asked him to join me for a chat one Friday evening. I didn’t raise my voice or speak disrespectfully, but I voiced my frustrations to him and explained that this problem would lead to us either completing work late, or completing it incorrectly. This is a guy who is about 5 inches taller than me and works out everyday. He could easily kick my ass, but here he was tearing up in front of me like a little bitch after being criticized. I was glad he was taking my concerns seriously, but the way he awkwardly said “I’m sorry, this is an internal issue I’ve been working on” sounded incredibly pathetic.

    I’m pretty sure women don’t want these kinds of insecure men as their husbands.

  4. No doubt many boys have deep feelings about Manchester United or Call of Duty, but the last thing we want is them talking about it.

  5. This initiative will presumably save future Chief Whips feeling bullied by back-bench MPs and MoD officials feeling bullied by civilian politicians!

  6. Dennis, Not Being Sarcastic At All

    Boys need to talk more about feelings and fight inequality, report says

    “Boys need to talk more about feeling up girls with serious mammalian protuberances and ignoring the brain farts of precious government funded soy boys.”

    There, fixed it for you.

  7. Might want to be careful telling men to talk about their feelings and ‘fight’ inequality. Wouldn’t want the next protest to be met by angry lads with a chip on their shoulder and sharp pointy things in their hands.

  8. The point being missed is that the bitchy personal attacks employed by women are much more toxic in a work environment than a straight up argument then moving on once the issue is resolved

  9. What they’re actually pushing is a very simple traditional thing, grossly over-complicated by woke “thinking”

    The basic thing is : be polite.

    They can’t say that, so they have to load it down with all kinds of specialized woke BS: be kind to queers; be kind to loonies; be kind to….

  10. Dbfhfjg –

    funnily enough i read only yesterday an old school essay on “do we have prime ministerial government in The UK” – the sense being that in the days of Mrs T this had replaced Cabinet government.
    I basically said that nope, she’s just a strong PM like Churchill, and (and mind) Chamberlain and Lloyd George “who all dominated their cabinets”. And the reason was a combination of ability, personality and circumstance. I probably couldn’t have defended this statement with much, but it seems i liked those bold statements. But yeah Chamberlain wasn’t weak as a PM he was just overtaken by a gamble that didn’t pay off, blitzkrieg and failing health. I also mentioned that the PM was obliged to answer questions twice a week to the HofC and had a relatively small private office. Both things you can’t say today. Thanks mainly to Tony B and his successors.

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