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It’s a very Trotskyist structure

Paul Samuelson once remarked that he didn’t care who ruled the country as long as he got to write the economics textbook. Because whoever wrote that would be guiding the economy 50 years later – all the rulers would have got all their ideas about economics from that textbook.

If you ever dealt with the teenage Trots in student politics the same sort of thing. “No, that motion is out of order because that was decided in the sub-under committee” and when you turn up at the sub-under committee to argue for allowing your motion you’re told that no, that was already decided at the sub-undernover committee. And then when you – it’s Trots all the way down.

This is what is happening here:

Universities have been told to teach about “colonialism”, “white supremacy” and “class division” by the body that advises on degree content.

The Quality Assurance Agency, which advises universities on course standards, has introduced advice for the first time on decolonising courses from computing to classics.

In one example, the QAA has told universities that computing courses should address “how divisions and hierarchies of colonial value are replicated and reinforced” within the subject.

Geography courses should acknowledge “racism, classism, ableism, homophobia and patriarchy,” further guidance states.

Bugger long marching through the institutions. Take over the committee that decides what will be taught – even better, what is to be taught in the education colleges – and you’re done.

There’s only one answer too – hang them all. Well, two perhaps, Steve’s lions with lasers if you want a more visually exciting spectacle.

10 thoughts on “It’s a very Trotskyist structure”

  1. What about defunding them? Just no public monies for higher ed. Let them sell decolonisation and diversity in the market place.

  2. God, I remember a Maoist student politician from my university days. He was single-handedly responsible for the SU hardly ever making a decision for three years due to being inquorate any time a vote was held. It was usually quorate at the start but after his inevitable, interminable harangue mixing Maoism with tedious points of order everyone had buggered off down the pub.

    Funnily enough I ran into him a few years later. He’d become a chartered accountant but claimed “he was undermining the system from inside”.

  3. Strangely, during the pandemic, I saw very little “white supremacy” or “white privilege”.
    I did see much of the opposite. Certain passengers on the Tube, secure in the knowledge that they would not be fined because of LTR’s anti-racism policy, happily sat breathing normally.

    I don’t believe the soppy masks work as anyone who knows the difference between bacteria and viruses would just laugh at the idea of a virus being trapped by a mask.

    Still, the weird NHS duly trotted out the fiction that the prevalence of covid among our diversity imports was, in fact, due to racism. No scientific support, natch…

  4. From their website:-

    The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) is an independent charity working to benefit students and higher education, and one of the world’s experts in quality assurance.

    We are funded through a number of channels:

    membership fees from higher education providers
    contracts and agreements with the UK funding councils and organisations to which QAA reports annually
    private contracts, consultancy and business development work in the UK and internationally
    statutory fees from providers for work on behalf of the regulator in England
    fees and maintenance charges paid by providers of higher education seeking educational oversight for immigration purposes as required by the Home Office.

    The Board has seventeen members, with Professor Simon Gaskell as Chair. With one exception, they appear to come from the ‘stale pale’ cohort, so I think there’s some work to be done there…..

  5. And another thing: dismal rubbish such as “We are funded through a number of channels” should always be greeted with the demand “Tell us the number, cunt!”

  6. Funnily enough, I studied “decolonisation” for my Alevel history. Somehow the right on teacher didnt see the pattern

    1 Poor but well run African colony
    2 Independence
    3 Corrupt British educated president
    4 Coup
    5 Corrupt Sandhurst trained president
    6 Shithole

    Repeat 4-6 ad infinitum

  7. People colonising the education system demand the education system be decolonised.

    Ok then, line up here for your lion.

  8. No surprise as Blair who started this revolution is a Trotskyist

    Hanging is too kind. I suggest amputations every hour starting with toes

    They’re mentally & phyisically torturing us, torture them is equity they demand

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