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It’s the luxuries that go first, Dear

People are cancelling their therapy with me because of stress about mortgages and rent – it’s heartbreaking
Carly Dober

People will pay for a roof over their heads before a woo merchant.

21 thoughts on “It’s the luxuries that go first, Dear”

  1. I suspect that they might be happier as a result.
    Proof that often production benefits the producer more than the consumer.

  2. That must be why so woo merchants are springing up offering woo.
    And probably doing all right as well.
    It’s a thing with woman. They may be behind with the rent, the larder bare & the credit card red-lining but what’s absolutely essential in this moment of stress is a session of deconstructive aromatherapy followed by an hour at the nail salon.

  3. But I wonder about “volunteering in the Australian mental health space”
    That’d be the one between the ears, then?

  4. ‘ People will pay for a roof over their heads before a woo merchant.’

    Not in the USA we are to believe. There they will inflict upon themselves any privation just to drive out the evil Demon Trump. Self-harm is a symptom of mental illness or maniacal religious worship – fine line between the two.

  5. allthegoodnamesaretaken

    BiS: It’s worse than that!

    “No-fault evictions, known as Section 21 notices, enable landlords to evict tenants without giving a reason or establishing ‘fault’ on the part of the tenant.

    No matter how long you’ve lived there (for me, four years) or how much you’ve spent on the place (in my case £59,000 — I cashed in my pension and got a loan to pay for everything from a new kitchen to underfloor heating, new bathroom and white goods) you can be summarily dismissed.”

    And she wonders why no sane bloke will have anything to do with her…

  6. Weird attitude. I’ve done something similar. I rent, don’t own. A principal. Never own the asset you’re living in. You can get better return on the capital elsewhere.
    I’ve spent about 5k on this place. About 25% of the annual rent. New showers in a couple of the bathrooms. A jacuzzi for the roof terrace. Installing myself made it cheaper. I’m in year four of the rental with another year guaranteed & a third optional. (Spanish letting law) I just regarded it as a good short term spending decision. I’m the one who gets the benefit although the owner’s more than pleased. My rent increase at the three year renewal of contract was 3%. On the other hand, I don’t suppose there’s anyone else in this town could afford an apartment like this. But I wouldn’t dream of doing what she’s done. Woman’s barking mad. She’d have to live there for the next 20 years to recover the value. And she’s 64 now. Why didn’t she just rent somewhere of the standards she wanted in the first place?
    Must be a Guardian reader as well as interviewee.

  7. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    If you’re bankrupt, how do you get to keep a bunch of posh vintage furniture and white goods in storage?

  8. She spent £59k of her own money on someone else’s property? Lunatic. I wonder whether she should have phoned the landlord and said “I’ll spend £59k doing up the house if you transfer 20% ownership (or whatever) to me.”

    I don’t suppose a landlord would really want to own as tenants in common though.

  9. I went to absolutely any lengths to ensure that i) the endownment was paid, and ii) the mortgage was paid. Absolutely *EVERYTHING* else was rock bottom absolute lowest priority. Do these idiots really think homelessness and penury is a worth indulging their indulgencies?

  10. The Fail’s beyond me, Tim. Used to be a newspaper. Heaven knows what it is now. Maybe to keep one up to date with the Kardashians? Although if it’s still the newspaper read by the wives of the Tory government it would explain so much of the past decade or so.

  11. The Fail’s beyond me, Tim. Used to be a newspaper. Heaven knows what it is now.

    The Mail and the grauniad are exactly the same, except that the dog whistles have a slightly different pitch. (And hearing that really pisses off grauniad readers!)

  12. Theophrastus (2066)

    ‘a newspaper for office boys written by office boys’.
    Prime Minister Lord Salisbury, on the Daily Mail.

  13. Loved “woo merchant.” A friend’s 12yo daughter went to a psychologist saying she was attracted to girls. After a few sessions she told her parents she was not gay, but rather she was a boy & demanded they have her breasts removed. Being sane, they refused. By 14 she said she was now attracted to boys, but to maintain her trans image with all her internet supporters, she said she’s gay again. “Woo merchant” is a good name for the psycho’s providing “Gender affirming care.”

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