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Musk and free speech

These claims about Musk and the far-right are ludicrous. That second is around the standard of Pops saying, “We gotta go to the store” and the three-year-old howling with laughter and a “Daddy said wee!” We deserve better journalism than this. Actually, we deserve some journalism rather than this.

7 thoughts on “Musk and free speech”

  1. The problem is… this shit works. My kids are convinced that JK Rowling is a wrong un, because she’s constantly saying transphobic things. So I asked them to show me these terrible things she has said. And they couldn’t actually find a single damn thing. But they’re still convinced she’s transphobic, because that’s what people they read say about her.

  2. aaa – if you sling enough mud some of it will stick, and there’s a concerted media campaign against Elon Musk.
    They’re afraid.

  3. I suspect most of Twitter’s costs are salaries.
    So Musk pretends to be a fascist ogre to get rid of the diversity hires, wellness coordinators, acceptable speech censors etc.
    Hey Presto! Twitter begins to turn a profit.

  4. But aaa… Rowling is “transfobic”.. At least by the definition used by the activist Nutter Squad and their Friends. Which is not the definition that’s in the leading dictionaries.

    Dunno how old your kids are **, but they seem to be lacking a certain amount of cynical observational skills needed to deal with reading anything in the Media. Or the difference between an Opinion Piece and actual News.

    ** obviously old enough to read things unsupervised, but …

  5. @philip
    While salaries are a large part of it, dead weight being dead weight after all, another part is the computing power needed to parse all of the Twats for Badspeak through “AI”.

    I’ve no idea how much of Twitter’s hardware is owned, rented, or in “the Cloud”, but Things Said in the past indicates a lot of the censoring Monitoring happens on virtual machines fired up at need, which indicates a Cloud “solution”.
    And intensive work on data in the Cloud gets Expensive very, very rapidly. As many companies have found out to their detriment after they ditched their own servers and embraced “Software As A Service”..

    As far as I’ve been able to figure out, Musk has reduced the Monitoring to just what’s legally mandated ( which is far less than what the Skittle-Haired Squad was doing ), and as such is saving a fair chunk on actual operating costs as well that way.

  6. An example of another well know person having a mental disease named after him – Musk Derangement Syndrome.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    if you sling enough mud some of it will stick, and there’s a concerted media campaign against Elon Musk.
    They’re afraid.

    I occasionally listen to Monocle 24: The Briefing because they have some good pieces, but when it comes to Trump and Musk they’re as deranged as the rest as the MSM.

    In a recent article lamenting what Musk was doing we were breathlessly informed that having sacked so many people Musk was having to start hiring and therefore didn’t know what he was doing. As the Twatter saying goes: tell me you know fuck all about [running a business] without telling me you know fuck all about [running a business].

    It reminded me of when I had just started at what was to become Orange. Hutchison Whampoa bought the business and had a clear out of staff. As the new CEO said, there were more sales people and marketers than engineers and we hadn’t even acquired one site. The GSM mobile phone air interface standard standards had only just been agreed and it would be 2 years before prototypes were available for network testing.

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