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No, fuck off

Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to scrap jury trials for rape cases would see Scotland follow in the footsteps of the Nazis, the country’s senior female lawyer has warned.

Not entirely convinced that Godwin as the start of the conversation is entirely appropriate but I could be convinced.

A Scottish government consultation has raised the prospect of abolishing juries for serious sexual offences such as rape and attempted rape, which have a far lower conviction rate than other offences.

No. The jury is our backstop against the government deciding to sling people into jail. That’s what it’s for. The whole aim and purpose – even if English and Scottish law likes to mumble about this – is jury nullification. Nope, that’s not a crime. We don’t care what you rulers say the law is, care nowt for current fashion. We the people say this ain’t a crime. So, bugger off.

That’s the entire point of the jury system. Especially, mark this, when there’s political pressure to be jugging more people for it.

So, you know, a careful, considered and moderate response to this idea. Fuck off.

15 thoughts on “No, fuck off”

  1. Agree.It will also be ‘selected’ judges, who’ve been given the ‘special training’. Job done targets reached. Disgraceful.

  2. Funny how the Scottish Government is suddenly desperate to abolish jury trials in rape cases, just ten minutes after the entire machinery of the Scottish criminal justice (lol) system conspired to jail Alex Salmond over bullshit rape accusations that were immediately thrown out by a jury in the most publicly humiliating manner possible.

    Nicola Sturgeon “couldn’t remember” where she was or who she spoke to when her government was literally spending millions of pounds trying to imprison Nicola Sturgeon’s predecessor and most dangerous political opponent, but clearly she remembers enough.

    Salmond was lucky, because Scotland is getting pretty good at jailing political dissidents, as former ambassador Craig Murray and a growing number of feminist activists can testify. Btw, despite being found not guilty on all charges, Mr Salmond’s accusers are still entitled to attack him from behind their shield of State-enforced anonymity. The Scottish Government has no plans to fix this, natch. If you ever wondered why our medieval ancestors wisely burninated horrible old crones under witchcraft laws, look at the sad state of Scotland.

  3. Yes. I agree also.

    As for the nazis. Our present Green wokeness reminds me of Himmler. So maybe the lady has a point.

  4. It’s a tough one, but I think I’d prefer proximity to a place where they’re talking (but as yet only talking) about changing rape trial procedures to proximity to places where they have agreed that babies can be murdered as they’re being born (just for starters), Denice.

  5. Why bother with a trial? ‘Always believe the woman’. Go directly to sentencing after the accusation. Much more efficient.

  6. I’ve an idea:

    We should abolish jury trial for the crimes that outrage me personally but juries, comprising ladies and gentlemen of a more progressive bent than me, don’t find so bad and so tend to exercise jury nullification. Stuff like throwing statues into the Cumberland Basin.

  7. They’ve been trying to get rid of jury trial for decades. So now they’ve found a bunch of dimwits who’ll do it. In specific circumstances, granted, but that’s how it always starts.

  8. I think we should revert to trial by combat. After all, the innocent will prevail, won’t they? Seeing Salmond and Jimmy Krankie’s evil twin, both naked, and armed with wet boot laces, having at each other would be worth spending good money to see.

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