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No love, really, just no

Queer families are teaching us there are many ways to be a mother
Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett


Queer families are showing us that being a mother – as with being a father – is this one thing here. Who you have sex with, how you have sex with them is – after that initial fertilisation thing, to be fair – this other thing over here. As with queer people are not showing us some different economics, queer people are not showing us some different rules of gravity. Queer people differ in who they bonk and how. Much to most of life does not differ as a result.

After all, the toddlers of queer mothers will still proudly show off their potty training just like all other toddlers. Toddlers’ turds haven’t changed because mummy rug munches.

8 thoughts on “No love, really, just no”

  1. I have the theory that during her pregnancy the few remaining functioning brain cells Rhiannon had have emigrated to the kid to escape their prison.

    Which will make for Interesting Times once the kid reaches Puberty… 3:)

  2. Grikath, what do we reckon Lucy’s offspring will grow up to be:

    a) Lesbian, Gay, Bi, fluid, Enjoys dressing up as farmyard animals
    b) ADHD or somewhere on the ‘spergers spectrum
    c) Trans (but ‘lightweight’, so possibly not to the extremes of having bits cut off or using gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogues etc)
    d) Radical socialist, eat the rich
    e) Swampy
    f) Some other ‘trendy’ / ‘look at me, i’m special’ type
    g) Normal?

  3. While heterosexual couples may struggle with traditional gender roles,

    Huh, I don’t think I know anybody ‘struggling’ with ‘gender roles’.

    Some are now struggling to pay their electricity and mortgage bills, does that count?

    queer motherhood offers a radical, beautiful alternative

    Your Mum is a big, fat, angry, tattooed lezzer and it’s beautiful.

    The part where a colleague says: “Here she comes, the woman who can’t even be bothered to give birth to her own children,” (Lynch had had a miscarriage and eventually they decided that her wife would carry the baby) made me gasp

    It sounds awesome and I can’t wait for the movie (starring Gary Busey).

    It has been decades since gay women have been able to start families with the help of fertility treatment,

    Does the turkey baster get to kiss the kids goodnight?

    With some unfair barriers to IVF for lesbian couples having been recently removed, their numbers are only likely to increase

    I think history has other plans, mashallah 🙂

    I think in heterosexual relationships, no matter how egalitarian you try to be, societal gender roles intervene

    When dykes aren’t beating the fuck out of each other, they’re congratulating themselves on being better than you.

    That’s not to say that there aren’t still differences between the birthing parent and the non-birthing parent

    Forever in debt to your priceless advice.

  4. Jackie Coogan, the actor who played Uncle Fester in the original TV series “The Adams family” had, as a child actor, been ripped off by all and sundry, including his parents who squandered his earnings.

    He therefore went out of his way to protect any child actors he worked with and was partly responsible for a Bill which protected the earnings of child performers and became known as the Coogan Act.

    Something that proved invaluable to actress Lisa Loring (Wednesday) who suffered at the hands of an alcoholic mother who would most likely have burned through all her earnings. Instead, on her 18th birthday, Lisa (by then a divorced single mother) had money to support herself.

    Absolutely nothing to do with this topic but Kudos to Jackie Coogan.

    (I learnt this last night in a YouTube video and thought it worth sharing just for that).

  5. Adolff.. Too early to tell… the sprog hasn’t got to the Terrible Three stage ( of which we will undoubtedly be informed , since Riannon won’t shut up about it…).

    Given that that’s the first hint of the character the little wurm will eventually develop, all bets are off until then.

    Going by the mum, though…. spoilt, overprotected, whiny, entitled little shit. 98% likely to be a closet cis-het.
    It depends on whether or not the sprog takes after the never-mentioned father.
    I do hope so for the kid.. Given that mum is…well.. even the Lions would look at us going “you promised us good food an entertainment… What the hell are you thinking giving us…This…”

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