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Not that I know anything about movies

Woman Rents Out Her Husband to do Odd Jobs For Other Women

Isn’t this a standard plotline?

8 thoughts on “Not that I know anything about movies”

  1. I don’t think this was the plot to The Outlaw Josey Wales, Tim.

    Maybe that musical abomination, Paint Your Wagon.

  2. There was that TV series, Hung about an unemployed man who went out laying pipe and his wife organised things, but not much movies, no.

  3. @Steve

    My admiration for Mr Eastwood as an actor and director knows few bounds, and I believe he also composed some of the music to his films, but whatever possessed him to think that he can sing? (See also Honkytonk Man – which will immediately make any Brit of a certain age think of Dick Emery.)

  4. Chris – the first time I saw Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin sing, I was already tripping on kaolin and morphine for an unfortunate gastrointestinal complaint and no amount of wandering stars will ever erase that memory.

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