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Now, I have my disagreements with La Bindel but……

This is taking it a little too far:

Woman’s Place UK organised the book launch. Judith Green, the campaign group’s co-founder, told The Telegraph: “It is outrageous and grimly ironic that two of this country’s pre-eminent feminist campaigners against male violence against women should be the subject of cancellation on an entirely bogus pretext.”

The event, scheduled for Nov 24, will be hosted by author Julie Bindel, who will interview Smith about her book, which warns about the continued threat of violence against women and the need for single-sex environments.

But on Wednesday evening, ticket holders were suddenly refunded their tickets, all trace of the launch was removed from the Eventbrite website, and organisers were informed by Eventbrite’s trust and safety team that the event violated policies on “hateful, dangerous, or violent content”.

Because you will speak doubleplusungood therefore you can’t use our software. It’s not exactly trust and safety, is it?

17 thoughts on “Now, I have my disagreements with La Bindel but……”

  1. I cannot fathom how a tiny unrepresentative group – and I mean, REALLY tiny – has so captured all organisations that blatant discrimination and outright injustice is not only tolerated, but encouraged.

  2. I cannot fathom how a tiny unrepresentative group – and I mean, REALLY tiny – has so captured all organisations that blatant discrimination and outright injustice is not only tolerated, but encouraged.

    Because it’s not about the trannies. They’re just the latest stick to use in the destruction of Western civilisation. Once they’ve served their purpose they’ll be thrown under the bus, like the feminists were.

    I think the theory goes that the revolution won’t happen until conditions get bad enough for the ordinary man. So the long marchers have to deliberately fuck up anything and everything that holds civilisation together.

  3. La Bindel might be a pain in the buttocks, but she’s been around the block a few times and has lots of connections.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see her team up with the Free Speech Union for a legal challenge against Eventbrite for essentially cancelling her over thought crimes. Might be able to get away with that sort of bullshit in the US, but the UK is a very different environment.

  4. BiW, absolutely.

    I don’t agree with Bindel about much, but she’s got guts. She’s been one of the vanishingly small number of feminists who’s reported on so-called ‘grooming gangs’, and she’s consistently opposed what Steve Sailer calls World-War T.

  5. There was a rather demented but undoubtedly courageous poofosexual a few decades ago. Is he still around? Would he be prepared to enter the fray? Peter something-or-other?

  6. PT used to concentrate on soft targets like clergymen
    One day he challenged Robert Mugabe in public in front of cameras and Bob’s henchmen duffed him over.

    Oh how I laughed.

  7. Peter Tatchell was on GBNews with Mark Steyn last week, but it was about the football World Cup in Qatar and how TPTB are advising any gay fans who turn up not to snog in public and suchlike.

    So he’s still about, but he’s not complaining about ‘popular’ causes these days so he doesn’t get on the Beeb.

  8. Tatchell has suffered both beatings and arrest while campaigning for gay rights in Russia so he is not lacking in balls. I don’t know where he stands on the tranny madness…

  9. JuliaM – the tech industry is drowning in trannies and tranny-adjacent genderspecials, and they have a lot more free time than Julie Burchill does because they live online.

  10. jgh., that was…..different. And you’re male.. You wouldn’t understand and were born an evil rapist anyway.

    That said.. peeps actually bought tickets? Truly “if you build it, they will come.”…

  11. JuliaM,

    “I cannot fathom how a tiny unrepresentative group – and I mean, REALLY tiny – has so captured all organisations that blatant discrimination and outright injustice is not only tolerated, but encouraged.”

    I think that what’s happened is that society went through a phase from being racist/sexist/homophobic to institutions being created to counter that, eventually leading to hate speech being utterly verboten, a higher crime than almost anything in the public mind.

    As an example, Cheryl Cole/Tweedy was accused of racially aggravated assault against a cleaner. She was found not guilty of this but was convicted of aggravated assault. The story I heard is that had she been convicted of racially aggravated assault she’d have been kicked out of Girls Aloud but just assaulting a cleaner was fine.

    And this just becomes a witch-hunt, a power game at a certain point. The people who care about homophobia see that things are about done and go home, and some political types take it over. You have pride marches that are basically redundant, as they were against the politicians, but now, police cars are painted rainbow for it and politicians turn up. No-one really particularly cares about weird trannies, it’s more that someone in power can hit someone else by calling them a bigot. Or even the perception or the slight whiff of being a bigot. Do you think the people who kicked out Katherine Stock care? Or that it left a vacancy in a highly competitive (and rather useless) field of study.

    It’s the same with racism. Look at the George Floyd thing. People crying over a dangerous, nasty man who will killed by police in an incident where there is no evidence of any racism. But we get posters to this scumbag. Again, it’s all about power games.

    At some point, everyone will move on. We’ll get a new heresy.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    I used to think that all the bullshit was taken up by a small proportion of the elite with too much time on their hands and too little brain in their heads and largely confined to the cess out areas of Twatter, but we’ve just had a wake up call here.

    Our village panto has been cancelled because:


    It is with regret that [we] found it necessary to cancel this year’s production of Aladdin following expressions of unease about cultural insensitivity that were made to the cast.
    Consideration was given to “sanitising” the script but the cast considered this was not in keeping with the tradition of pantomime and in order to prevent causing offence to anyone the decision was made to cancel.”

    Needless to say there was some dissent in the comments.

  13. Gender self-id enables male sexual predators to go into female toilets and changing rooms. Sex is just a social construct whereas gender is real – so the lady penis is a fact, fascist!

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