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Oh Aye?

Duchess of Sussex: women ‘vilified’ if they explore their sexuality
Society applies different standards to men, says Meghan in latest episode of her podcast Archetypes

So who’s she been exploring what with then? What revelations is she trying to head off?

Being – inappropriately – less cynical, this is news to whom? And given that the rules, the assumptions, grew up over the hundreds of millennia that we did not have either contraception or reliable tests for paternity this surprises whom? Anyone really expect an entire species to change their assumptions based on three or four decades of technological change?

10 thoughts on “Oh Aye?”

  1. What revelations is she trying to head off?

    Working as a whore in a high class brothel in Shanghai?

    Ahh. My mistake, that was Mrs. Simpson. For some reason I always get her and Princess Sparkles confused.

  2. It starts off with exploring. Then it leads to settling, and thence to colonising. So maybe it has something to do with her colon?

  3. I must admit to almost having the dry boak when I saw that “starfish” had commented.

    The thought of the Ginge conducting a colonial invasion of her back door – Yuck!

  4. Thing is, women *aren’t* vilified for ‘exploring their sexuality’.

    1. That’s sort of something that happens naturally in most people’s relationships.

    2. If she’s talking about ‘shagging around’, again – not vilified, just used like the outside of a sausage roll and then discarded.

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