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Ooooh, ooooh

A non-binary senior US nuclear official has been charged with stealing a suitcase at an airport.

Sam Brinton, 35, became the most prominent genderfluid person in the US government in June, overseeing the disposal of nuclear waste.

The appointment of the MIT graduate, who uses the pronouns “they” and “them”, was hailed at the time by diversity campaigners.

Brinton’s official title in the Office of Nuclear Energy is Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition.

Previously, Brinton had performed as a drag queen called Sister Ray Dee O’Active, and also taught classes called “Kink 101” in which kneeling men wore leather dog masks.

Oh well, no accounting for folk. The question should be, are they any good at dealing with spent fuel?

On Monday night, it emerged that they had been charged with the theft of a Vera Bradley suitcase which, including its contents, was worth US$2,325.


The complaint said police were alerted by a woman that her suitcase was missing in the baggage claim area.

After looking at CCTV “officers observed the suspect, who was later identified as Samuel Otis Brinton, remove a navy blue hard-sided roller bag from the rear of Carousel 7,” the complaint said.

It said Brinton then “removed the blue bag’s tag, and put the bag tag in the handbag they were carrying. Defendant then left the area at a quick pace.”

Brinton had not checked in a bag on their flight from Washington to Minneapolis.

They took the blue bag to the InterContinental hotel.

Then, two days later, they checked the same bag on a flight back to Washington.

A few weeks later, Brinton took the bag with them on a trip to Europe, the complaint said.When they returned, police called Brinton and asked if they had taken anything that didn’t belong to them. They replied: “Not that I know of.”

Hmm, hmmm.

15 thoughts on “Ooooh, ooooh”

  1. “Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition” is a “senior position”?


  2. Last night I watched University Challenge. The captain of the team from Roehampton – who to me looked male (but perhaps I’m misgendering them) – was from County Cork and studying for a PHD in, wait for it:

    Queer Theory in young adult fiction

    Happily they got a real fisting from Robert Gordon Uni.

    Less happily, this fvcking pervert may soon be free to poison the minds of schoolchildren.

  3. One of the problems of being a famous transgender freak is that I imagine it’s hard to hide in a crowd. Now, with jeans, a hoodie and COVID facemask he might have gotten away with it.

    Still, he’ll never be a real woman.

  4. “Are they any good at dealing with spent fuel?”

    This “Pronoun” bollocks needs to stop – that quote infers multiple people, not one.

  5. “Are they any good at dealing with spent fuel?”. This “Pronoun” bollocks needs to stop – that quote infers multiple people, not one.

    Nope, not in English at any rate. Use of “They” to refer to someone in the 3rd person singular is perfectly reasonable, uncommon though since most people aren’t taught proper rules of grammar.

  6. The mainstream media is studiously avoiding any mention of this. Of course if he had been Republican, endless round table discussions would have ensued.

  7. @BraveFart,

    The ‘lady’ from Robert Gordon U in Aberdeen looked like a tranny to me (Cullen), what with adams apple etc.

  8. @JG No. They is usually used when the subject is undetermined. When determined, the pronoun will go to he or she. If they want to be picky, english as a perfectly suitable third person singular neuter pronoun. It.
    Personally, I think the whole thing’s a load of bollocks. Third person pronoun’s are chosen by the viewer, not the viewed. One doesn’t ask a tree what it wants to be called. And a person is no more active in the choice.

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