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Oooooh, excellent!

Rees-Mogg’s plans to axe all EU laws will cripple Whitehall, says leading Brexiter

Because if they’re crippled then the lions will be able to catch them more easily, right?

12 thoughts on “Oooooh, excellent!”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    We were told that the Leaver claim about the number of EU laws was bollocks and it was hardly any and the EU wasn’t making all our laws anway.

    Now apparently there’s so many that it would take too much time and effort to scrap them so we shouldn’t bother.

  2. 2400 laws is between 1-2% of all laws in the UK, and by the looks of it roughly a year’s worth of Lawmaking (some recent years see roughly double that number…)
    So it’s nothing the chairwarmers at Whitehall should even look surprised at in terms of volume or “work”.

    Assuming they actually do some work, instead of continuing their eternal bitchfight..

  3. Idk about you blokes, but we’ve had the Tories in power for 12 years and I can’t think of a single popular major thing they’ve done in all that time except (very grudgingly, after fighting their own members for years) permit us to finally, technically leave the EU.

    I’m not worried about them striking down EU laws at this point, because – like fracking and immigration enforcement -that’s obviously not going to happen unless and until we can get a Parliament that’s more worried about offending its own voters than it is about falling out with the boards of our corporate kakistocracy including the likes of Barratt Homes, Serco and Infosys.

  4. The purpose of these laws is to create government jobs for the people implementing them. Getting rid of the laws will mean getting rid of those people and that is not permitted.

  5. Perhaps getting rid of some if not all of the Quangos inflicted on us by the implementation of the EU laws would contribute a major financial saving.

  6. A few years ago I saw someone suggest a super wheeze: just look through the records to see which EU laws Britain opposed at the time, and scrap them. It would only be a start, but still.

  7. ” I can’t think of a single popular major thing they’ve done in all that time”

    2014 freeing of pension options? That’s pretty much it.

  8. They increased the Personal Allowance for income tax from £6475 to £12570 (across years of low inflation). They also introduced a savings allowance (£1000 for 0% and 20% taxpayers) and a dividend allowance (£2000 now). Haven’t they pushed up the national Insurance threshold too?

    All worthy, especially for low income people, but not “major” – nowhere near the action required to stop the government impeding economic growth.

  9. The other day a local scribe likened Brexit to Hotel California: “”Relax,” said the night man /
    “We are programmed to receive / You can check out any time you like / But you can never leave”. Great lyrics.

  10. Any directives opposed by the UK – look at them again, and repeal unless circumstances have changed.
    Any directives opposed by any of NOR/LIE/ICE – look at them again, and ideally repeal, they are among the world’s least daft countries so presumably know what they are doing.
    Finally, compile a list of all powers, tax raising and legislative, that are devolved to cantons in SWI and to States in the USandA, and devolve those powers from Westminster to Local Authorities (NI, WAL and SCO included).

  11. “and a dividend allowance (£2000 now)”

    That’s not an allowance, it’s a restriction (for dividends over £2K). In the sense that there was no restriction before. There was no extra 7.5% tax on dividends over £2K previously.

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