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Presented without comment

Over the last few weeks it has again become apparent that people try their hand here, offering comments on issues on which they rapidly make clear they know very little, with their soon very obvious intent of wasting my time becoming clear. A great many are, I suspect, inspired by the work of Tim Worstall, a man so detached from reality that he has written about 4,500 abusive blog posts about me over the last 15 or so years, alongside his work as a fellow of the far-right Adam Smith Institute.

As I note above, I reserve the right to delete all comments from anyone who has not posted before, or who has done so only a few times, if it becomes in any way apparent that trolling is taking place.

I stress that new commentators are welcome if they arrive with good intent.

So too are comments that point out that I have made mistakes, because I do, and am happy to acknowledge it.

Similarly, please feel free to disagree with me: that is the way we learn.

Robert Dyson says:
November 16 2022 at 8:29 am
I wonder if they are ‘innocent’ trolls? Are there powerful people who pay for this troll-service to disrupt the truth you tell? I find your ethical energy amazing.

Richard Murphy says:
November 16 2022 at 8:52 am
They may well be paid

12 thoughts on “Presented without comment”

  1. I’m toying with the idea of sending Murphy a Mr Scrooge Christmas card and a Mr Potato Head keyring as a thank you for all the joy he has brought this year with a list of his endearing qualities:

    firstly unremitting fvckwittery (candidly and respectfully)
    secondly intemperate, wide and libellous accusations of fascism
    thirdly irascible and unhinged personality
    fourthly hypocritical use of an abusive LLP arrangement
    fifthly paranoid tinfoil hattism

    etc – ideally until I reach twenty fifthly (if there’s space)

  2. Does Spud write these commendations?
    Dyson’s comment is so smarmy, it must be either auto-generated or from the tuber himself, no human could be that slimy, like Heap.

  3. “So too are comments that point out that I have made mistakes, because I do, and am happy to acknowledge it”

    As in the exchanges over accounting for index-linkers, and local authority procurement, and the Scottish national accounts and…………..

  4. Dennis, Noted Mental Health Amateur

    Richard Murphy accusing someone else of being detached from reality is rather surreal, don’t you think?

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